Charles Schumer on Winning: We Have a “Really Good Agenda”


“We won because the American people rejected the kind of autocracy…some… the Maga Republicans, a wing of that party, was talking about,” Chuck Schumer.

Charles Schumer begins in the first clip by stating that Democrats won because they had good candidates while Republican candidates “were flawed.” Democrats had candidates who wouldn’t debate. They hid out. Were Fetterman, Hobbs, Hassan, Kelly, Whitmer, Beto, etc., good candidates? Democrats had a lot of candidates with communist ideals like John Fetterman.

At the same time, McConnell said he didn’t have good candidates. McConnell actively campaigned against candidates who wanted to make America great again.

Schumer says Democrats also won because “we had a really good agenda that actually passed for the American people on things they cared about.” This included the huge spending bills that brought inflation. Some were passed with the help of Schumer and his RINOs, who continually throw lifelines to Democrats.

Lastly, he said Democrats won because they rejected the “kind of autocracy” MAGAs want when the opposite is true. He’s mostly talking about allowing women to kill their unborn babies to the moment of birth and perhaps after.

MAGAS only want to keep the Constitutional Republic.

Frustratingly, Chuck U said the MAGA wing is engaged in anti-Democratic behavior. Democrats define “democratic” as socialism.

The Democrat plan is obviously to defeat Republicans, beginning with annihilating the large number of people who want to make America great again.


Via Rumble

The AP ran a story titled, “It’s the year of Chuck Schumer.” That’s true, and it’s partly because of Mitch McConnell who did what he could to destroy senatorial candidates he thought would not go along with him.

As the AP said, there are consequences:

Even a narrow majority has huge consequences for Biden and his party, as the Senate confirms executive branch nominees and judges, including for the Supreme Court, if there are any vacancies in the next two years. Democrats will be able to decide what bills to put on the Senate floor as Republicans — who will possibly control the House — beat up on the president politically ahead of the 2024 election.

They appoint far-left judges who legislate from the bench and do not believe in the US Constitution.

McConnell works with Schumer, not in a bipartisan way, but as one who is on board with him on many issues. Minority Leader Mitch took money from Trump-backed candidates in swing districts and fought to keep Lisa Murkowski, a left-wing ‘Republican.’ He doesn’t speak much, so when he does, he gets a lot of media attention. What did he do when he did speak? He insulted Republican candidates backed by Donald Trump.


Additionally, Schumer plans to continue the geographical replacement of Americans for unvetted people from disparate, dissimilar cultures worldwide. The only reason America worked was that most Americans had like values. We weren’t importing communists at phenomenal rates, but we are now.

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