Seattle area where squatters can take over your waterfront home


Seattle-area extremists in Edmonds and Woodway, called the Moorish Sovereign Citizens, are squatting on the property of wealthy waterfront landowners. They have presented phony documents to homeowners claiming ownership of the properties.

Ironically, Seattle’s Black Lives Matter communist mobs are also trying to chase people out of their middle- and upper-class homes.


The group, founded in the mid-1990s, is based on the teachings of the Moorish Science Temple. They do not believe in the government authority of the United States or Washington. Like the area-homeless, they also don’t mind squatting on a property that isn’t their own, Daily Mail reports.


Since they aren’t allowed to enforce the law as they should in Washington, the squatters won’t leave.

McClure said Edmonds PD made contact with two squatters to offer them criminal trespass notices.

“It’s a unique situation,” McClure said. “They’ve been cooperative and compliant and even, in some cases, respectful to our officers, but we don’t think they’re going to go away any time soon in terms of their attempt to do this.”

Expect more to come. Oh, and thank a Democrat.

Moorish Sovereign Citizen FB photo


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