Small van tries to ram big Trump truck following Biden-Harris bus


On Friday, we posted videos of a caravan flying Trump flags who were leading and following a Biden-Harris bus down the I-35 in Texas. They were escorting them out of town. It was funny, but not everyone appreciated the humor.

One of those was Eric Cervini, a history teacher, who traveled to Texas to help the Biden-Harris campaign. Fuming about the caravan surrounding the Biden-Harris bus, he said he kept calling 911 on them. He didn’t stop there. At one point, he tried to force his way into the lane where a black van was traveling and rammed it. In the end, his car was side-swiped.

The moral of this story is small white cars shouldn’t try to push big black trucks out of the way.

Cervini claimed the Trump supporters were waiting on I-35 to “ambush” the Biden bus when it approached. Twitter spread the false rumor that the caravan tried to force the Biden-Harris bus off the road. That was a lie.


At 14 seconds into the next clip, the white vehicle can be seen clearly entering the truck’s lane, almost parallel with the truck, trying to bully its way in as the bus changed lanes. The second video appears to show the SUV leaving the lane the black truck occupied. But then the white SUV tried to drive back into the lane it left, again almost parallel with the truck. The black truck turned into the white vehicle, chasing it off. The white car was dented, but it’s not clear if the white car already hit the truck or if that occurred when the black truck pushed him off.

This is what was going on before the white car was dented:

In this clip which follows, the black truck turns into the white car encroaching on the lane he’s in:

This is what infuriated Cervini, but it was hysterical:

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