Chelsea Posts a Photo of Her and Her Mother Hillary as Clowns


Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was 74 years of age on Tuesday.

Chelsea Clinton, her 41-year old daughter, tweeted a Happy Birthday message today with a picture of her mother dressed as a clown.

Oh, boy, what you must be thinking. It does kind of fit in with the Democrat clown show we are living through. Chelsea was probably trying to humanize her.

She’s lucky her mother didn’t want her to dress as a witch. Just sayin’.

Thank you Mom for being a clown with me for Halloween, supporting all other costume choices throughout the years and always cheering me on. Most of all, thank you for being such a wonderful grandma. Happy Birthday @HillaryClinton!

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Hard Times by Run DMC
Hard Times by Run DMC
9 months ago

Clowns laugh at the Hard Times. Yes, they are that clueless.
Faculty Lounge beings are high on their own supply and it is primo top notch.

Dee Dee
9 months ago

I want to see them wearing orange. It’s the new black, you know!

9 months ago

Hillary and Chelsea dressed as Clowns; how appropriate. Actually, Hillary should be dressed as the Devil.