Chicago: 3,766 shootings and 678 (mostly black) murders this year – But focus is only on Kyle


Anarchists, leftists, BLM, RevCom Party, Democrats, and other ne’er-do-wells plan riots across America to protest the Rittenhouse not guilty verdict. Meanwhile, Chicago has seen 3,766 shootings and 678 murders through the end of October this year. But no one cares, even though they represent mostly black-on-black violence.

Chicago Sun-Times news reports that homicides and shootings have been steadily increasing, or staying about the same, in 50 of the city’s 72 neighborhoods. Those 50 neighborhoods are predominantly black, which means the vast majority of victims are black. But no one cares. The focus is only on Kyle Rittenhouse.

An alarming number of shooting and murder victims in Chicago were children, teenagers, and senior citizens. But no one cares.

Kyle Rittenhouse, who is white, defended himself against three attackers, all white men with criminal records. But you wouldn’t know that from the press reports. You also wouldn’t know that from loud-mouthed sports figures and TV personalities. Even President Biden fanned the flames of division and racism.

Rittenhouse has been called a white supremacist, vigilante, right-wing extremist, and other inflammatory names. He was 17 at the time of the shootings. Rioters were destroying the city where his father lived. But no one cares about that. None of the rioters, looters, and arsonists were ever arrested even though they inflicted millions of dollars of damage to businesses and personal property.

The old narrative was “the shooting of an unarmed black man.” But the Rittenhouse case was the self-defense shooting by a white teenager of three white armed criminals who tried to kill him. But no one cares.

Neither do they care that black-on-black crime continues to increase. If the killing of blacks were really the issue, then the protests would be held in cities where those violent crimes are most prevalent. Like St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, and Oakland. Indeed, some of the riots (aka protests) are slated to be held in some of these high-crime cities, but not to protest black-on-black crime. The focus is only on Kyle Rittenhouse.

These “any excuse to riot and loot” protesters don’t really need a reason. Many have stated openly that looting represents reparations. How are working people able to take off time from their full-time jobs to spend a week in Kenosha? The only explanations is that they don’t have jobs.

To be sure, riots and looting will take place all across America this weekend with little or no intervention by law enforcement. People will be assaulted, beaten, and shot. Cars and business will be burned. But no one cares. The focus is only on Kyle Rittenhouse.

The real heroes of the Rittenhouse case are the jurors. They were stalked and their lives were threatened. Despite outside intimidation, knowing that riots were inevitable and retaliation was possible, they exercised their civic duties. Jurors didn’t cave in to mob pressure. They carried out justice. But no one cares.

Meanwhile, blacks will continue to be shot and murdered in the very cities where the protests against the Rittenhouse verdict will happen. But no one cares about them.

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