Riots Were Held in Portland Last Night to Honor Democrat HEROES


Just as they did with St. George Floyd of fentanyl, Democrats have picked their latest martyred heroes, a convicted pedophile named Joseph Rosenbaum, and another violent convicted criminal named Anthony Huber, ‘skateboard guy’. Both were shot and died while behaving like criminals and both are anarchists.

Huber’s girlfriend said he was protecting people. By protecting, she means he was running with the mob to hurt or kill Kyle Rittenhouse.

The third man shot and wounded, Gaige Grosskreutz, a member of the People’s Revolution, is a convicted criminal who lied on the stand but was forced to admit he had an unlicensed gun pointed at Rittenhouse’s head when Rittenhouse shot him.

These are Democrat heroes. If you don’t believe me, just click here, here, here, and definitely here.

Fake 1619 historian, Nikole Hanhah-Jones, aka Ida Bae Wells, said white people can kill whites who fight for black lives.

That is quite clever how she was able to twist it into a race issue when all the people involved are white. What is quite funny is the child rapist who was killed, Joseph Rosenbaum, was running around calling everyone a “n–er.” He was the only one shouting racist epithets.

The ACLU protected the rioters. They actually attended the riots in Portland last night to give them legal advice or to act as witnesses as they rioted. You can see that below.


Here is the ACLU piece:

The officials in Portland don’t believe in law enforcement so the anarchist communists were free to destroy property.

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2 years ago

Yeah the Biden brown shirts at work again standing for injustice and the Marxist way.

2 years ago

I respect freedom of speech but this comment suggesting that Mr Rittenhouse be murdered for a payment of one million dollars is beyond the pale and said comment should be removed

Knight Rider
Knight Rider
2 years ago

Let the comrades honor their heroes and let them own their hatred of America.
Now only the truly beyond hope normalcy bias cognitive dissonance dullards don’t know what a fifth column of stormtroopers out to burn it all down for their state/corporate pimps that we are up against and that is because they don’t want to know.
Easier to stick your head in the sand and pretend hunky dory world exists while waiting for some return to normal that won’t ever be happening.