Chicago Is Moving Ahead With Their Communist UBI Task Force


Chicago officials are looking at Universal Basic Income again and, yes, it is communism.

A majority of city council members are telling Mayor Rahm Emanuel to form a task force to look into Universal Basic Income programs, which is essentially a periodic check from the government with no strings attached, Illinois News reported.

The City Council wants to explore a program that would send at least $500 a month to 1,000 Chicago families. The same families also would get Earned Income Tax Credit money on a monthly basis rather than once a year.

Since illegal aliens are treated as citizens, you can expect them to be eligible in the sanctuary city of Chicago.

They are following Marxist Obama’s lead in this

At his speech for the annual Nelson Mandela lecture in Johannesburg last month, former President Barack Obama endorsed the idea of a UBI as more jobs are automated.

“We’re going to have to be more imaginative,” he said. “We’re going to have to consider new ways of thinking about these problems like a universal income, a review of our work week and how we train our young people.”

The robot argument is an invented crisis to further the leftist agenda. It’s more scaremongering over something that hasn’t happened.

Chicago is bankrupt and simply doesn’t have the money for this.

As of 2016, the city had $40 billion in bills, according to Truth in Accounting.

The left keeps calling it a Libertarian idea and crediting Milton Friedman, but this is communism, not Libertarianism.

“It’s obviously bizarre that a city that’s already essentially bankrupt to be piloting a program that mails a bunch of money to everybody,” Manhattan Institute senior fellow Oren Cass said. There is further information on this link.


Basic income undermines the labor part of the free market. The way it’s being defined makes it an entitlement. It’s another welfare package. It’s more big government in the way of the individual exercising his/her individual rights. The result will be more government dependents.

The government would be in complete control and pick winners and losers. It will further erode the taxpayer base. We already live in a country where only 53 percent pay federal taxes, illegals collect income tax credits on taxes they never paid, and the rich who pay an overwhelming amount of taxes are expected to pay more — maybe even 90 percent.

The major flaw, the most devastating, is the effect that it would have on the individual. It would rob people of the dignity of work and independence. UBI makes the people their chattel.

Eventually, this would be the norm, the expectation, and it would never be eliminated. As chattel, people lose personal freedom, hope, and power and become a member of the collective, nothing more.

National Review has a good article on the subject.



  1. Robots don’t breed or vote and the humans do. Robots don’t covet, but the humans will. As much as I agree with you, we need a better solution than that.

  2. Greed will end it. Why do I need a negro, hispanic, white trash, etc. if a robot will fill my needs. Robots are dependable, never tire, and in the long run are much cheaper. Do away with the

  3. Growing up I devoured the great science fiction authors but many left me with questions. For instance, Isaac Asimov envisioned a society where robots did all the manual labor. I always wondered what happened to human beings when they no longer needed to perform manual labor? It’s all well and good to say that we will devote ourselves to art and science but not everyone is cut out for these pursuits.

  4. “The major flaw, the most devastating, is the effect that it would have on the individual. It would rob people of the dignity of work and independence. UBI makes the people their chattel.”

    NOW…listen up folks. I will get a bit raw here, as I think that if libs have the guts to do something like this…I being an ultra conservative have the guts to say this. – It was LBJ when he was in office and signed the civil rights act….his quote…and I quote…..”This act will have every n[edit] in the country voting democratic for the next 50 years.” LBJ being a white liberal saying something like this is reprehensible. This is the first thing that come to my mind when I read the above article and especially the part I have copied here. The democratic party has robbed the Black Community of their dignity, their future and their legacy by keeping them ignorant, broke and poor. To use the words of this horrible phrase…..”The UBI makes the people their chattel.” Sickening to say the least. This is what our fight should be all about is to turn the tide of communism. Lets call it what it is folks and stop “dilly-dallying” around with this scourge by staying on our collective couches and our easy lives and allowing it to happen. Every person worth their salt should be in mass protest at the Chicago city hall and force Emanuel to get the hell out of there. We can make a difference if only we would.

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