Chicago Mayor can’t control the city, refuses Trump’s help, blames him anyway


A security guard was shot in Chicago as widespread violent rioting and looting engulfed the city this past weekend. EMS couldn’t get to him for some time, but he will live.

The rioting began on Sunday evening in response to a black man was shot by police after firing at them. There was a false rumor going around that police shot a child, although that is hardly an excuse.

Thousands of people looted luxury stores, with many boldly live streaming their crimes. There was unbelievable chaos.

On Monday morning the god-awful Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed President Trump again. She can’t control her city, and that’s somehow the President’s fault. President Trump has offered to help her. He offered to send in the National Guard and she has refused that help.

She doesn’t need any help from him, she said, but she’s blaming him. How does that make an ounce of sense?

Mayor Lightweight told reporters the National Guard was not needed after looters ransacked the Magnificent Mile again, which they have done before.

Lightfoot then gave a lecture on guns. She claimed guns were in her city because of neighboring states. Meanwhile, the last two police chiefs said no one enforces the gun laws they have. They arrest the violators and they’re out the next day. She is not only incompetent, she is incapable of reasoned thought.

The mayor will not protect her residents from criminals, especially gangs.


This next clip is Lightfoot and team reassuring businesses and when a reporter asks a question, she gets snippy, claiming he’s baiting her:

Here’s a flashback of her criticizing the President for trying to help her. She said cynically that he wanted to make them, namely her, look bad. Why would he when she does it so well herself. It’s Trump’s fault:

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