Chicago Police Supervisor Orders Halt to Pursuit of Potential Murderers


Chicago Police were in hot pursuit of a car with four potential murderers when they were ordered to terminate the chase. The victim was a 56-year-old man wh was shot in the head and died.

Police were ordered to stop chasing the car that officers saw being used by three gunmen in a murder just minutes earlier.

The pursuit of the four men — three of the men were reportedly captured on video firing shots by a CPD surveillance camera — came just one day after the Sun-Times reported that violent crime arrests in the city are at historic lows, CWB Chicago reported.

Website caught the transmissions from start to finish. The last one has the supervisor ordering them to stop the chase.

After being told to stop pursuing the car, a stunned officer responded, “The car wanted for the murder?”

Another officer is heard responding, “This department is a joke.”

new vehicle pursuit policy in August 2020 directs officers to consider when a vehicle should pursue. It states that CPD will not discipline any member to end a motor vehicle pursuit.

According to the media, pursuits are supposed to end for minor crimes. This was murder.


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