Chicago state rep calls for abolishment of US history books & classes


“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed…History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

~ George Orwell, 1984

Chicago-area leaders call for Illinois to abolish history classes. The hate America crowd has taken another giant step towards destroying traditional America. If you ever doubted it, here’s more evidence.

Leaders in education, politics and other areas gathered in suburban Evanston Sunday to ask that the Illinois State Board of Education change the history curriculum at schools statewide, and temporarily halt instruction until an alternative is decided upon.

At a news conference, State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford said current history teachings lead to a racist society and overlook the contributions of women and minorities.

He wants the history curriculum and books removed immediately. He wants an emphasis on civics [protests?]

“It costs us as a society in the long run forever when we don’t understand our brothers and sisters that we live, work, and play with,” Ford said.

The state representative is sponsoring a bill that would require elementary schools to teach students about the civil rights movement.


Rep. Ford Today in Evanston to Call for the Abolishment of History Classes in Illinois Schools

Concerned that current school history teaching leads to white privilege and a racist society, state Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, D-Chicago, will join local leaders today at noon at the Robert Crown Center in Evanston to call on the state to stop its current history teaching practices until appropriate alternatives are developed.

End Miseducation?

“When it comes to teaching history in Illinois, we need to end the miseducation of Illinoisans,” Ford said. “I’m calling on the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts to take immediate action by removing current history books and curriculum practices that unfairly communicate our history. Until a suitable alternative is developed, we should instead devote greater attention toward civics and ensuring students understand our democratic processes and how they can be involved. I’m also alarmed that people continue to display symbols of hate, such as the recent display of the Confederate flag in Evanston.”

Attendees at Sunday’s press conference will discuss how current history teaching practices overlook the contributions by Women and members of the Black, Jewish, LGBTQ communities and other groups. These individuals are pushing for an immediate change in history changing practice starting this school year.

The miseducation of our children must stop,” said Meleika Gardner of We Will. “It is urgent that it comes to an end as we witness our current climate become more hostile. Miseducation has fed and continues to feed systemic racism for generations. If Black History continues to be devalued and taught incorrectly, then it will call for further action.”

Evanston Mayor Steve Hagerty notes “As Mayor, I am not comfortable speaking on education, curriculum, and whether history lessons should be suspended. This is not my area. Personally, I support House Bill 4954 because I am interested in learning more and believe the history of Black people should be taught to all children and include all groups, Women, LatinX, and Native Indians who helped to build America.”


What is this LatinX nonsense, by the way? The words these leftists come up with are annoying. But I digress. The real problem is the destruction of U.S. history in Chicago by an angry partisan.

If the representative simply wanted to add historical figures who belong in our history texts, that would be easy to do. But he wants to abolish it because he is going for a complete rewrite.

He’s a modern-day Nazi and he and the leaders who back him are burning the books.



    • Face it…antifa is a reincarnation of Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” and blm is nothing more than a “black” version of the kkk…with the support of the Art of Deception ideology and the UN who gave more than “logistical” support to the invasion “caravans” supported by democrats…some people are going to have to make serious decisions as to their very existence…the longer the delay the more uncertain the results…

  1. If State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford wants to require elementary schools to teach students about the civil rights movement maybe he ought to learn about it himself, what the leaders of the movement like MLK said and what he believed. Not the revisionist falsehoods the Marxist BLM anarchists demand.

  2. Well I see another savior to the black cause has found an angle where he THINKS he can garner free publicity/money to catapult up to the hierarchy of the Demonrat party by proposing outlandish self taught interpretations of this countries history(Which by the way he wants too do away with) we call the U.S.A. WOW who’d a thought it possible. At least we won’t have to worry about repeating any of that history years down the road.

  3. In his new versions of history books, he should include chapters on how drugs, gangs, human trafficking, and black-on-black crimes has contributed to life in Chicago.

  4. Here’s an idea- go back to the 60;s and 70’s- pull the books that were used in schools and teach that history- as i recall, i had a Civics class and a History class- we learned ALL the history of America and a lot about the world history too. The problems began when we stopped teaching the ENTIRE history- including the Holocaust (which actually happened, despite what they are teaching and saying now)

  5. Instead of History, maybe the students could read the daily crime report for the Chicago area and let them ponder who should deserve their support when the time comes. I, of course, am against abolishing history from any curriculum. I am, however, for teaching true, fact based history. We are not perfect but we are better, by far, than the next closet thing!

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