Chicago to strip city of racist statues of Lincoln, Washington, Grant, McKinley


Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the city has to deal with the hard truths of Chicago’s racial history.’  As a result, she began a process to review 41 statues and other monuments. Included in the coming statue apocalypse are statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and William McKinley.

Lincoln and Grant (who fought the KKK and won) freed the slaves, Washington freed the country, and McKinley fought with the Union in the Civil War.

City Hall launched the Chicago Monuments Project and created an advisory committee to conduct a comprehensive review of more than 500 Chicago statues and monuments, with an eye toward identifying those that were offensive, problematic, or not representative of city’s values of equity and justice.

The reasons for getting rid of white supremacy, demeaning portrayals of Native Americans, celebrating anyone tied to slavery, genocide, or racists, and anyone presenting one-sided views of history.

Ironically, this movement is backed by a one-sided leftist history originating from Zinn’s communist vision of America.

As far as white supremacy, they mean any whites who accomplished anything.

This is all about communism. It’s not different than what we saw from ISIS, Mao, Castro, and others. The first thing communists do is tear down history and the monuments to history.

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