Chick-fil-A CEO says shine black men’s shoes to atone for racism



Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy appeared at Passion City Church in Atlanta on Sunday. He shined the shoes of a black man, Christian rapper, and music business owner Lecrae to atone for racism and urged other white people to do the same.

He is in a way imitating Jesus who died on the cross for all mankind’s sins.

Cathy was inspired several years ago by the story of a young man at a Texas church revival who shined the shoes of an elderly black man over his feelings about racism in his hometown.

If there was cause for me to shine the shoes of a black man, say it was my job, I would gladly do it, but not because I ever did a thing wrong ever towards any black person. No guilt here. The idea that we must continually pay for a terrible practice 150 years ago is sick. Some people do believe we all have to pay when some of us do wrong. The nuns used to do that when I was in grammar school.

We are ALL EQUAL. This sends entirely the wrong message. It’s stereotyping whites — that’s racism.

Bigotry is wrong against anyone, but do we all have to pay forever?


clip via Newsbusters

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