ChiComs mock Biden’s message-bombing, ‘America is back’


The ChiComs are mocking the Biden-approved bombing of an Iranian facility in Syria in their State propaganda newspaper, The Global Times. The headline of the piece begins, ‘America is back.’

They called it an “obvious move by the US to target Iran and send a clear signal to the outside world that ‘America is back.'”

They said that although the attacks aimed at facilities in Syria. The target was Iran. The move could be seen as the Democrat-led government’s reverse of the Iran policies implemented by former President Donald Trump.

Trump mostly used economic sanctions and the Biden admin is using bombs. They claim Biden is desperate to resurrect the Iran nuke deal but Iran snubbed them.

It’s propaganda all the time for these ChiComs.

The Biden administration is trying to resurrect the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. It was scrapped by Trump, but the efforts reportedly met a cold response from Iran.


The Bidenbama-Harris Syria bombing might have been a legitimate response to the Iranian-backed forces attacking U.S. troops three times this month. Donald Trump bombed them too.

The reason people suspect it’s more than that is Barack Obama’s people are in charge and they have wanted regime change in the past.

That would bring us back to our failed global war policies.

The U.S. military strike against Iranian proxy forces in Syria was carried out by Air Force F-15 jet fighters dropping a total of seven 500-pound laser-guided bombs, it has emerged Friday — but not all the original targets were destroyed.

The second strike was abandoned because there were too many civilians at the site.

In the end, the F-15s bombed seven small buildings in eastern Syria at roughly 1 a.m. local time this morning.

Officials say it’s now up to Iran to make the next move, Fox News reports. The Biden people say it’s about sending a message. What’s the message? It sounds worthless. All Iran has to do is put some civilians or people dressed as civilians, at each facility. Then the bombings end.

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For What It's Worth
For What It's Worth
2 years ago

How they stab their comrade in the back. What no unity from the fellow travelers?
Sad trombone is always so sad.
Someone should meme up Sad Keanu with Bernie the Mittens czar just for laughs!
The land of Sun Tzu and CCP will run circles around clueless commie cretin comrades.

O/T-Windy and 40 degrees but the school had recess going and the young skulls full of mush were wild and rowdy with kickball and skating while mask free. Good, good, snowflakes that have never been told no, NO MORE. How I love Red State and its education standards.
Went down to the comrades bookstore and a big 4×4 had a Buck Fiden flag flying with vets around the bed talking! It is jumbled here out of respect for decorum the flag was uncensored.
Even at the height of the enemedia hyped uphatred against DJT no one had a flag with such a saying on it.