Joe’s in “real significant trouble,” Kamala’s to the left of Marx, fight like MLK


Biden’s “in real significant trouble…listen to me…and everyone knows about it…everyone around him knows,” former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino told Sean Hannity.

Is that a surprise?

Joe Biden has been a liar and a self-promoting political hack all of his life. He cozied up to segregationists to get ahead and then let the wind take him to all the places he has gone politically. Selling himself as a moderate, he is now a burgeoning fascist dictator.

Behind the scenes, Valerie Jarrett is at work, a conduit from Barack Obama in his exercise room to the White House machinery. Waiting in the wings is Obama’s preferred candidate, Kamala Harris. The candidate who polled at 0% was brilliantly and strategically placed to take over when Joe bows out. That will likely be soon. He’s a placeholder, barely aware of his position. That’s not to be cruel. It’s just a fact.

Kamala is a communist.

The good news is it is not over. If people wake up to what is going on, it can be stopped. Donald Trump’s agenda is the one that can broaden the appeal of the new freedom party, the Republican party. Outlets are popping up to counteract the Stalinists. Let’s fight for our freedom in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi.




  1. Even the comrades don’t like the Kamal which is why she bowed out early.
    She had smaller crowds than Cruella Clinton.
    2008 called and said put that hopey changey audacity of hype in the dumpster where it belongs.
    Hussein believes his own press clippings and let slip with the how easy and fun it would be to puppet master from the resistance bunker in sweats and clouds of choom quote.
    People who hate the country are completely unable to govern it and even the sleepwalkers are starting to catch on to what a disaster is brewing in the armed DC camp.

  2. Traitor Joe’s first 100 days aren’t even over and he’s killed well over a Million good paying mostly Union Jobs, raised the price of gasoline over 25%, and now Electric rates and food prices are going up. Nature has been showing us how bankrupt “Green Energy” is, but Traitor Joe is doubling down on it. And where are those solar panels and Windmills manufactured, well it’s not in America. The Democrat congress is about to push through a 1.9 Trillion Big Blue Government Bailout Package the will result in massive Stagflation. We are watching a massive transfer in American Wealth and Knowledge to our enemies by Traitor Joe. If Traitor Joe, Heels Up, and the Democrat Part are not Neutralized soon, there will be war. First will be a move to Civil War (which has been underway since last summer), then World War when our enemies feel we are week.

    Traitor Joe is a nightmare and Heels Up Harris will be worse. These two are so extreme, that they make Alex Jones and InfoWars main stream.

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