Chief in Charge of Uvalde Was Communicating Without a Radio?


It’s a waste of time constantly putting up timelines of the Uvalde horror since it’s constantly changing. For example, the media is back to saying the teacher did leave the door ajar. However, there is a new detail that is very disturbing. the Chief didn’t have a radio.


Sen. Roland Gutierrez told The Associated Press in a brief telephone interview that a Texas Department of Public Safety official told him school district police Chief Pete Arredondo was without a radio during the May 24 attack by a lone gunman at Robb Elementary School that left 19 students and two teachers deadSeventeen more people were injured.

That might explain why he didn’t know the situation was active and children and teachers’ 9-1-1 calls for help went unanswered.

We don’t know how he was communicating with the police but to not get the 9-1-1 information to him or for him to not have officers set up to properly communicate is unforgivable.

Who And How Were Police Communicating?

It was one school, and not a large crime scene. Why couldn’t they communicate properly?

Authorities have not said how Arredondo was communicating with other law enforcement officials at the scene, including the more than a dozen officers who were at one point waiting outside the classroom where the gunman was holed up. Arredondo heads the district’s small department and was in charge of the multi-agency response to the shooting.

Although we don’t know the full facts, there is a lot of truth in this segment below. Michael Shellenberger has a fair response. Bill Maher is generalizing too much here. This is one small police department, not all police who risk their lives every day:

This parent grabbed her two children and her eyewitness account is upsetting:

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