Chief Justice Roberts wants out of the impeachment trial, Dems want Kamala to preside – not satire


According to the Constitution, Chief Justice John Roberts must preside over President Trump’s impeachment trial. However, Politico reports he wants out.

Multiple Republican and Democratic sources have reportedly told Politico that Roberts is seeking a way to avoid the job because of how things played out when he oversaw Trump’s first impeachment trial last year. Roberts, Politico notes, has worked hard to keep the Supreme Court apolitical during his tenure, so he was reportedly displeased that he “became a top target of the left” during the proceedings. “He wants no further part of this,” one source told Politico, although there’s been no official word from Roberts’ camp about what he’ll ultimately do.

Democrats have now decided they don’t need him. Kamala Harris can preside.


That would be fair and she’s perfectly unbiased enough to do that [sarcasm].

The Constitution says that the “Chief Justice” is the one who presides over presidential impeachment trials.

Democrats really want to burn down the Constitution. This entire procedure is nuts. The first Impeachment was nuts, and this is nuts. Roberts knows it’s nuts and wants out. There is no provision for a replacement.

The GOP should end this outright. It’s unconstitutional. Democrats are making up things as they go along. They don’t believe in the rule of law.

At least we are on the path to unity, according to #NotMyPresident Joe.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Yeah this coward didn’t want to make a decision on the election and now another bogus impeachment, but he had no trouble passing the disastrous Obama care. He’s just another Bush W. appointee.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Shep

Perhaps one of President Trump’s people saw what was under the table ie his blackmail material? Maybe he was told the Epstein material would be leaked if he played ball with the dems again. Best thing he could do is “retire” for health reasons. That would suit the dems just fine. Might not suit President Trump.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

This shows again that coward Roberts is afraid of pressure from the left and would rather avoid the responsibilities of his oath. He did so also on the election coup, where he played the key role in the judiciary. He does no heavy lifting, he cannot tolerate inconveniences in his job. He did so also on obamacare and illegal immigration.

It is fair for coward Roberts to preside over an invalid impeachment, in which history will record his role in framing a decent president. The coward would likely have to accept evidence into the trial which contradicts the charges. Either way he loses.

Heavy Metal Takin' A Ride
Heavy Metal Takin' A Ride
2 years ago

Sounds about right for those who view The Constitution as a living document.
Bad optics and truth no longer matter as they move quickly.
If you can’t handle the job or are not qualified then you shouldn’t take it, comrade kommissar Roberts.