Dr. Fauci’s reprehensible attack against Donald Trump


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, launched an attack on the previous administration. It’s odd since he was mostly in charge and continually changed his mind about everything. He was wrong a lot.

“[W]hat we’ve had, John — there’s no secret — we’ve had a lot of divisiveness, facts that were very, very clear that were questioned,” Fauci told CNN host Jon Berman. “People were not trusting what health officials were saying. There was great divisiveness. Masking became a political issue. So, what the president was saying, right from the get-go, you know, let’s reset this. Let’s everybody get on the same page, trust each other; let the science speak. The president made the analogy of a war. Yeah, I mean, if you look at the numbers, over 400,000 people dead. That’s quite comparable to World War II. I mean, that’s the reason why we’ve really got to restore trust and restore a unified approach.”

If they were so clear, why did he change his mind so often?

“Did the lack of candor, did the lack of facts in some cases over the last year cost lives?” Berman asked.

He basically accused Donald Trump of killing people.

“You know, it very likely did,” Fauci responded. “You know, I don’t want that, John, to be a soundbite, but I think if you just look at that, you can see that when you’re starting to go down paths that are not based on any science at all — and we’ve been there before. I don’t want to rehash it. That is not helpful at all. And particularly when you’re in the situation of almost being in a crisis with the number of cases and hospitalizations and deaths that we have, when you start talking about things that make no sense medically and no sense scientifically, that clearly is not helpful.”

Fauci is the man, who admitted to lying about what it would take to get to herd immunity, is concerned about lack of candor. Then there is his inexplicable support of The WHO and the CCP.




  1. The Peter Principle in the best government that money can buy.
    Failure is always an option and will be rewarded.
    Enemedia memory hole and destroyed by social media attention spans are always there to run cover for esteemed Üniparty comrade kommissars.
    Trump cancelled all travel from Wuhan (racist!) and moved quickly to recover from the Plandemic.
    What if any are the other options that weren’t implemented?
    There are none and Fraudski is a bureaucrat before anything else.

  2. “Then there is his inexplicable support of The WHO and the CCP.”

    I’ve got a feeling that there is going to be an awful lot of “inexplicable support” for CCP policies over the next 4 years. China has way too many US elites (politicians, media, academia, big tech, Hollywood, sports) in their pockets for anything less. Waiting for Babbel to release a free Mandarin module subsidized by China.

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