Chilling ISIS Attack in Vancouver


A chilling report in Canada’s Global News reported that innocent people were attacked in Vancouver “for the benefit of at the direction of or in association with a terrorist group” – ISIS.

“An attack on a transit bus in Surrey, B.C. over the weekend is being treated as terrorism after RCMP national security police took over the investigation.”

CTV photo

The diversity import, Abdul Aiz Kawam, was “initially charged with attempted murder for allegedly slashing a bus passenger’s throat on Saturday morning, but prosecutors added four counts of terrorism on Monday.” Kawam also attacked a second person with his knife.

The passenger whose throat was slashed was critically injured but is expected to survive.

Americans should be very concerned. We have anonymous illegal aliens pouring in over the Northern and Southern border. We have no idea who they are. And we now know for certain that ISIS is still active, and if they are eager to kill Canadians, they will feel the same way about killing people in the United States.

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