Donald Trump’s Former Secret Service Agents Must Testify in D.C.


Fox News’s Bret Baier reports that former President Donald Trump’s Secret Service agents are called to testify against him.

Baier said on Twitter that “multiple” Secret Service agents for the former president have already been subpoenaed. They are “expected to testify before the D.C. grand jury likely on Friday.”

“The grand jury appearances are related to the Special Counsel Jack Smith probe into the handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago,” Baier tweeted on Monday.

This could lead to people losing trust in the Secret Service.

ABC News reported a judge leaked a sealed filing that happens to reflect badly on Donald Trump. The claim is Donald Trump “knowingly and deliberately misled his own attorneys about his retention of classified materials after leaving office.”

“U.S. Judge Beryl Howell, who on Friday stepped down as the D.C. district court’s chief judge, wrote last week that prosecutors in special counsel Jack Smith’s office had made a ‘prima facie showing that the former president had committed criminal violations,’” ABC News reported, “and that attorney-client privileges invoked by two of his lawyers could therefore be pierced.”

The people supporting this abuse are sick, and that includes Fox News. Ric Grenell said there were no dissenting voices on Bret Baier’s panel discussion about him.

This is why I stopped watching a lot of Fox News shows, starting with Bret Baier.

In one of his more revealing newsletters, Erick Erickson said Donald Trump should have kept it in his pants, and he wouldn’t have had this problem. Do we know Donald Trump is guilty? Will anyone wait for the trial? Donald Trump is attacked endlessly by ruthless people. Yet, he led the country in a traditional manner. The country is a disaster under Joe Biden, but his incompetence and potential crimes are ignored.

The reaction to Donald Trump and alleged petty crimes is obscene. As for the media, they are bent on manipulating the public instead of reporting.

US ‘BS’ Media:

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