Chilling Summary of The Great Reset In Videos


The Great Reset is coming and Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum said he will push the reset button. It is also known as the Davos Agenda.

Some say, the Agenda is why corporations have gone WOKE, why school boards are running roughshod over parents, and why we are being ruled over in our diets, our cars, and even what we think and say.

The politicians, bankers, and billionaires of the World Economic Forum (the ones that usually meet behind big fences on top of a mountain in Davos every year) have spotted an opportunity in the post-COVID world. They’ve got big plans for the planet, and they’re calling it The Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab, who runs the World Economic Forum, will press the reset button:


During his show on Newsmax last night, Stinchfield gave a brief summary (below) of the ultra-wealthy crackpots of the WEF discussing taking over the world economy. Unfortunately, the crackpots with deep pockets have gone mainstream. Their latest line is the world needs “stakeholder capitalism,” which is not capitalism. The only stakeholders are the elite of the WEF.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) seeks the destruction of Capitalism, fossil fuels, and sovereignty, Stinchfield says.

Stinchfield says climate change is about overturning capitalism. Capitalism runs on fossil fuels and if they destroy it, capitalism will be overturned and they get to put in the system they want.

The WEF already began wealth redistribution with a global tax to be controlled by the New World Order under the UN or even the Chinese Communists.

They also want our sovereignty, some say. As Biden lets people flood over our borders illegally and minimizes citizenship to meaninglessness status, giving aliens all the privileges of citizenship or more, he is deliberately or inadvertently contributing to this movement.



Dr. Savage began by picking up on Stinchfield’s comments about the Pope. Savage believes the Red Pope is a Leninist because that is what he “espouses in every conversation”.

“By positing a link between capitalism and war, he seems to be taking an ultra-radical line: one that consciously or unconsciously follows Vladimir Lenin in his diagnosis of capitalism and imperialism as the main reason why world war broke out a century ago,” he once said.

Rush believed Red Francis was a Marxist.

In the clip below, Dr. Savage related a story about the two-cow-one-cow mentality and added that Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and others espouse the two-cow-one-cow ideology.

“It’s a nightmare how far communism has come in this country…when you see the Pope joining the crowd, you know we’re in trouble,” Dr. Savage said.

The WEF doesn’t want a messy democracy. They want all the power and all the money in the one-world government they plan to control.

The conservative host does not believe Americans have the fortitude to stand up to the evil forces or even know what’s going on. The latest rumor is Biden will throw billions at Americans before the election to buy Americans off.


Let’s not forget ESG, a powerful initiative, A TOOL, of the WEF in The Great Reset movement. That is really happening.

Glenn Beck on ESG:

You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy:

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