Chilling video and horrific random murder of 4-year-old boy


Darriynn Brown mugshot

A 4-year-old boy who was kidnapped from his crib Saturday morning and brutally murdered has been identified by the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office as Cash Gernon.

Gernon was sleeping in his crib when he was abducted and killed early Saturday with what police described as an “edged weapon.” Geron’s body was inexplicably left in the street about a half-mile from his southwest Dallas home and was found by a passerby.

Video surveillance from inside the boy’s home showed a man taking him from his crib at about 5 a.m. The boy’s twin brother was not taken or harmed. A woman who lived at the home reportedly identified the man to police and he was later arrested.

That man was identified by Dallas police as 18-year-old Darriynn Brown on Sunday. Brown was taken into custody and charged with kidnapping and theft.

Detectives anticipate more charges will follow but are awaiting the results of forensic analysis.

Kamron Moori, who lives at the home from where police said the boy was kidnapped, said he’s as hurt as he is confused by what’s taken place.

“He was the sweetest boy ever,” said Kamron Moori. “Like why? He was 4. Who does this to a 4-year-old kid? For what? For what reason? Because you want to be evil?”

Moori explained his mother previously dated Gernon’s father and that the man moved out of the house several months ago leaving the twins in their care.

Moori said there was no sign of forced entry and insisted he locked his house before going to bed. He also said they installed home surveillance cameras inside the house because they are “very protective” and because the neighborhood occasionally has problems with crimes.

“We got cameras all over the place in my house,” said Moori. “It shows him coming in, took him while he was asleep. While he was asleep. Carried him out of my house while he was asleep.”

At about 11 a.m. Saturday, Moori’s mother called the police to report the boy missing and Moori went out to search for him. About eight blocks away, on the 7500 block of Saddleridge Drive, Moori walked up on the scene where hours before, at about 7 a.m., a woman on her morning walk made a horrific discovery when she found a boy’s lifeless, bloody body alone in the street.

He said he knew immediately that the scene was connected to Gernon’s disappearance.

The child had been stabbed repeatedly.

Dallas police arrested Darriynn Brown Saturday night. He was wearing an ankle bracelet for another previous crime.

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