Chilling warnings from Senator Ted Cruz


It really doesn’t matter what President Trump’s personality is like or how senile Joe Biden is. This election is about the future of our nation. The choice is the rule of law or socialism/communism.

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on the Fox News show, ‘Life, Liberty, and Levin,’ Sunday night, and what he said about the Supreme Court was alarming and frightening.

The senator said the reason the Democrats are in a frenzy right now is they “feel their hammerlock on the court is in danger of flipping away and it’s about power, it’s about power controlling America without having to convince voters.”

He continued, “The hard-left views most American voters as ignorant rubes. They think we’re too dumb to govern ourselves and our elitist betters should set the rules for us.”

He believes that is what drives their rage in the Supreme Court contest with Amy Coney Barrett.


Host Mark Levin said that it goes back to Woodrow Wilson who determined the court is where the actions is, where the revolution is. The plan is to get around the voters and lawmakers. The far-left Democrat ideas aren’t good and voters won’t support them so they use the courts.

If the President had not nominated someone to the court, he would have been the first President of 22 who did not nominate in the last year of their presidency. Twenty-nine nominees were in the same position as Amy Coney Barrett and their cases were heard.

Levin said, with Chuck Schumer leading, Democrats say if the President will not do what no president has ever done, they will destroy the Supreme Court, pack the court, pack the Senate so they will control it indefinitely, destroy the filibuster to get the Sanders-Biden manifesto passed without any impediments, and they will destroy the Electoral College. In other words, they are “going to burn down the Constitution.”

Cruz followed up, “The Left, they believe in government, and they believe in totalitarian control. The Left statists are willing to use force.”

If Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, they will pack the court “to enforce compliance.” They discussed what losing the Supreme Court means.

Joe Biden was the man who led the abuse of Republican Supreme Court confirmations over the past several decades. He was the first to do it.

Republicans do not abuse the Democrat nominees.


At 14:39, Cruz explains Citizens United, which was a case that came about when Hillary Clinton objected to an unflattering movie made about her by a group, Citizen’s United. The case was about whether we as Americans could criticize politicians. The Obama Justice Department took the position that it could punish – fine – people who dared criticize a politician.

It was a first Amendment case.

When the case was heard, Cruz said the most chilling moment came when Justice Alito asked the Obama lawyer if they felt the government could ban books and they said ‘yes.’ They said they could punish booksellers.

The case was only won by a 5-4 vote.

Joe Biden has said he would appoint justices to vote to overturn Citizens United.

In the wake of that case, the Democrats put in a bill to allow the government to regulate political speech. All the Democrats voted for it.

There is much more.

Cruz also explained the Heller case, also narrowly won. Without it, there would not be a Second Amendment.

Senator Cruz also talked about the crooked balloting.

Watch, it’s worth the time:

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