China Continues to Set Up Illegal Police Stations Worldwide


According to a Fox News report, Chinese consulates worldwide have set up illegal police stations to threaten, coerce and control their citizens or former citizens. The CCP wants to let them know they are not safe anywhere.

A watchdog group, Safeguard Defenders, reportedly found nearly 54 additional stations on top of the 48 they knew about. They are in 53 countries, including four in the United States, two in New York, one in Los Angeles, and one in an undisclosed location.

“China’s overseas police stations are one of several ways Beijing is eroding our national sovereignty and depriving ethnic Chinese, in particular, of their rights as citizens of democracies,” China program chair at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Matt Pottinger told Fox News. “Democracies should shutter China’s consulates until Beijing withdraws its illegal and extraterritorial law enforcers in our borders.”

Safeguard Defenders is a pan-Asian human rights organization that published an investigation Monday called “Patrol and Persuade,” reporting on the additional stations.

The Chinese communists are everywhere. The balloon affair was another way they threatened and mocked the United States.

National security experts are now saying that the spy balloon’s path may have been a strategy to map out and better understand the location of U.S. missile silos and other artillery.

According to the Daily Wire, Director of the Hudson Institute Center for Defense Concepts Bryan Clark said the balloon may not have been “a direct threat” but could have allowed China to “obtain close-up visual imagery from different angles.”

“That could improve China’s ability to target U.S. missile silos and better understand the construction and layout of U.S. bomber bases in places like Montana and North Dakota where the balloon is flying,” Clark said.

If any of what we heard is true at all.

Our nation’s children and many adults are on TikTok, even though it’s a Chinese state company tied to the military. They’re collecting data on Americans.

They’re in our universities, our government, and our media, and they are a grave threat.

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