Suppressed News of potential corruption


Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist tweeted on October 27th about Tony Bobulinski and his shock at the media’s reaction. They suppressed the story even though it’s clear that the Bidens represent a national security threat. China Joe will cave on every issue related to China.

Mollie’s series of tweets:

He [Tony Bobulinksi, former partner of Hunter Biden’s] says when he saw Adam Schiff claiming that emails to him were Russian disinformation, he told Biden camp to get that retracted or he’d go on record.

He says Biden camp suggested that they couldn’t get it retracted, a claim Bobulinski felt was ridiculous — so he said at that point he was happy to go to American people. “People were accusing my family of treason after I served this country and defended this country.”

Says he’s [Bobulinksi] “shocked” at media reaction, or lack thereof. Says it would be one thing if it were just his word against the Biden family, that would be one thing, but he’s provided so many reams of documents, texts, messages, and facts about meetings, who participated, etc.

“They’re dismissing this as Russian disinformation. This country has heard enough about Russia. Three years. Russia Russia Russia. It’s absurd!” — Bobulinski

Bobulinski talking about Biden family business in Oman, Luxembourg, Romania, and how they used family name to get business from foreign agents hoping to garner favor with Biden. That in terms of business acumen, Hunter and Jim’s “only qualification they had was family name.”

Notes that Hunter himself said he had some sort of deal in Kazahkstan as well. That Hunter had no reason to have such a deal other than his father’s political power.

Tucker says reporters claim that “chairman” in emails is a reference to a Chinese official, not Biden. So when Hunter Biden says “my chairman” says we should do something, that means Chairman Ye. But Rob Walker says specifically that in at least one case, it refers to Joe Biden.

Bobulinski notes that even though he was CEO of firm, Chinese didn’t care about him, but about the Biden family participation. That the Chinese partners wrote that a generous loan to a firm associated with Biden family is really a loan to the Biden family.

“I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised.” Says in security training, you understand what being compromised means. “As a citizen and taxpayer, I’m very, very concerned.”

“There should be no scenario that this isn’t investigated,” Bobulinski says, noting he only saw a small portion of Biden family business dealings with foreign agents. “I have every email, every text, every whatsapp that was exchanged and I have provided them to authorities.”

Director at CEFC told Bobulinski that $10M funding would come in $5M loan to Biden family and $5M contribution to Sinohawk. Wasn’t coming in and Bobulinski got worried when it leaked that Rosneft stake might be sold to CEFC. Then that director’s U.S. visa was denied.

Rosneft is the sanctioned Russian energy concern. Bobulinski notes that Patrick Ho detained by US government for leaving shoeboxes of cash to African leaders. CEFC was “capitalistic side” of Chinese government, he says, and started going downhill.

Says he asked Hunter if he went around SinoHawk to get the money from CEFC and Hunter said he hadn’t, but that he was acting as the personal attorney to Chairman Ye. Bobulinski says it made him angry/frustrated, realizing he had been circumvented and that the Russia connection

of the Rosneft role was very disconcerting for any American to be involved in. Again says he is speaking out because of his military background, that he has a former SEAL team protecting his family. “Of course I’m worried,” he says about his safety, now that he’s speaking out.

The man the Biden family approached to run their business in China, who met with Joe Biden twice as part of that role, who has been attacked as an agent of Russia by Biden surrogates, just gave one hell of a riveting interview on Tucker.

The top rated show in cable news history just blew a story open about Joe Biden and his family being compromised by China.

And it didn’t mean a hill of beans.

The first clip is from the voicemail of Biden operatives, “You’re just gonna bury us all man.” The second is 18-minutes of the interview with Tucker.

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