China Launched a Satellite That Could Render US Satellites Useless


China launched a new satellite Sunday that can be weaponized to cripple American satellites, according to The Washington Times.

General James Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Space Command, warned Congress in April that the Shijian-21 satellite is part of an effort by China to seek superiority in space.

Obviously, it would give them control of earth as well.

The State’s China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. sent it up to allegedly clean “space debris.”

However, according to the Times, the satellite is “said to be capable of maneuvering close to orbiting satellites and grabbing or crushing the spacecraft.”

If launched as a weapon, it could potentially destroy communications and surveillance capabilities in American satellites, leaving the nation’s military deaf, dumb and blind in the case of an attack.

Military movement depends on technological communications.

Gen. Dickinson said the co-orbital robotic spacecraft is part of a growing arsenal of space weaponry fielded by the Chinese military.

“We see their capabilities from direct-ascent ASAT, antisatellite capabilities, to on-orbit activity that they’ve done with that capability,” he said.

China’s space weapons build-up also is couched in deception, the general said. “All the while, China continues to maintain their public stance against the weaponization of space,” Gen. Dickinson said.

In August, China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, as the New York Post reported.

The China dream is actually world domination, and they want to do it with Leninism and Marxism. Our obliging Democrat Party is speeding us into the Marxist-Leninist mindset.

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