Senator Cruz Exposes AG Garland in a Brutal Grilling


Senator Ted Cruz, (R-TX), leveled Attorney General Merrick Garland during today’s hearing for weaponizing the Justice Department to intimidate parents protesting Critical Race Theory.

“Law is not used as a tool of political retribution. This memo was not law, it’s politics,” Cruz told Garland, referencing the memo Garland sent to the FBI establishing a task force to look into parents at board meetings as possible domestic terrorists.

Senator Cruz repeatedly asked Garland how many parents were actually violent. Garland had no idea or just refused to say. Yet, Garland wrote a letter citing a “dangerous spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff…”

As the chief law enforcement officer in the country, Garland wrote that memo and apparently did it without any facts.

The Senator said there were 20 incidents cited in the National School Board Association letter and 15 were non-violent. One of the violations was a Nazi salute to the officials, suggesting that they are Nazis.

Even though his memo stated that there was “a disturbing patten of violence,” Garland could not say how many violent incidents took place.

Garland tried to claim the memo was only meant to assess the situation, but that is not what the memo said. (see the memo below)

Then the CRT Son-In-Law Came Up

Senator Cruz also repeatedly asked the Attorney General if he sought an ethical opinion in making decisions connected to Critical Race Theory (CRT) since his son-in-law is heavily invested in CRT financially.

Garland pretended the memo wasn’t at all tied to the hateful, and racist Critical Race Theory curriculum the parents are protesting against. He would not answer the question.

Garland has weaponized and completely politicized the DoJ, and he is not honest. He plays semantic games instead of answering questions.


Partnership Among Federal State Local Tribal and Territorial Law Enforcement to Address Threats Against Sch… by M on Scribd

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The Mystery Machine vs Army Brat
The Mystery Machine vs Army Brat
8 months ago

Comrade kommissar Garland is just doing as told by Barry and Ron.
The worthless clueless feckless steaming pile known as congress is even more irrelevant than SCOTUS now and these unelected unaccountable nomenklatura apparatchiks like to issue imperial edicts as if they are etched on stone tablets.
Thank God for Red State education and great teachers, before the Long Marchers infiltrated but it was just getting into high gear with cultural rot and decay.
Now a piece of diploma paper from that school means next to nothing which is sad.
Remember all that we have lost.

8 months ago

More and more I think we need a Article 5 Convention to but the Federal Government and the Deep State Bureaucracy on a short leash. A first order of business should be that there be a Constitutional Amendment to automatically have a Convention every 10 years. Next is to return States Rights. This can easily be done with the repel of the 17th Amendment. Next is to get financial control over the Federal Government. This will require three things, repeal of the 16th Amendment, a balance budget amendment, and a restriction of Federal Spending to only 5% of GDP except during a War actually declared by Congress. We must put strict limits on Executive Mandate Powers. Executives and Judges shouldn’t make Law, only an Elected Legislative Body should make Law. We also need to explore Official Immunity. Official Immunity for all practical purposes creates a class of Nobles which is illegal under the Constitution. Fifteen States have signed on to an Article 5 Convention and momentum is growing. The idea of an Article 5 convention scares Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers shit-less. One Article 5 Convention could undo 100 years of Communist efforts in America in just a year or two. Before we are forced into Civil War, we should try an Article 5 Convention and we are headed for Civil War. The actions of Attorney General Merrick Garland have made that probability Crystal Clear! Traitor Joe and Friends, first declared the 75,000,000 Americans who voted for President Trump as Domestic Terrorist and now have declared Parents as Domestic Terrorist. The real Domestic Terrorist, AntiFa and BLM, are now the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers foot soldiers. We are at war with Communist, at least it’s still something of a cold war, but I fear that will change sooner than we think.

8 months ago

Surely there’s nothing in schools that would inflame the public. Surely Not.