China Spy Balloon Used an American Internet Service Provider


US intelligence officials have said that the Chinese spy balloon that flew across the entire country collecting data earlier this year had used an American internet service provider. NBC News reported this Thursday, citing two current and one former official familiar with the assessment.

The spy balloon connected to a US-based company to send and receive communications from China, primarily related to the balloon’s navigation.

Chinese Spy Balloon

Officials familiar with the assessment said it found that the connection allowed the balloon to send burst transmissions or high-bandwidth collections of data over short periods.

The internet service provider’s name has not been disclosed, and the company denied that the Chinese spy balloon had used its network.

Let’s go to global Internet and give China even more power

The administration allegedly sought a “highly secretive” court order from the FISA court. It would allow them to collect intel about the balloon, but how they ruled is a mystery.

Remember that the Biden-Obama [Its Obama’s third term] administration wants a global internet pact, giving China more power.

If they got the FISA court order, it would have allowed American intelligence agencies to conduct electronic surveillance on the balloon as it flew over the country. And as it sent and received messages to and from China. That would include communication sent via the US-based internet service provider.

The balloon had first passed into US airspace north of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands in late January. It was shot down on Feb 4, after it traveled over 2,000 miles of US land.

China has repeatedly said that the balloon was used for meteorological research and accidentally drifted over the entire US. By the way, it was navigable.

China wants global norms over the Internet, with censorship and, thus, more control. Biden’s administration is working with 70 other nations to establish rules for a global Internet. We should all be concerned.


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