China wants private ownership of guns banned or severely restricted in the USA


State-run Chinese media, The Global Times, claims that “mass shootings are shocking in a U.S. allegedly governed by law.” They want private gun ownership banned or strictly restricted.

We have mass murders and they have mass genocide and extinction. They need to clean up their own act.

We don’t doubt they do want our gun rights limited, just like the Democrats.

“From the perspective of gun murders, the U.S. is beset with crises,” they said.

The article condemned the U.S. tradition of “private gun ownership,” claiming the problems it creates already exceeds the benefits. The Chinese have said this before, and especially like to say it in election years.


“To change this habit which has lasted hundreds of years, tremendous political courage and a rearrangement of interests is required.”

“Facts have proved that the U.S. system is unable to handle the intricacies of countless issues around guns including politics, economics, law and order, and public psychology. The country can neither manage the safe storage and use of so many guns owned by ordinary people nor can it establish a new national system that bans or strictly restricts guns.”

The report then mocked our power in the world, noted the Las Vegas massacre, and insisted that “massacres and shootings should be deemed a serious violation of human rights. In the world’s most modern society, people’s lives are threatened by unregulated guns.”

This is a country that has minority Muslims locked away in a gulag for “re-education.” They abuse their people in general and control every aspect of their lives. Currently, the communists are experimenting with social credits and facial recognition software. They know everything their people are doing all the time.

The one thing that is most striking is how similar the Democrat agenda on guns is to that of Red China.

This article comes after the Hong Kong protesters asked for a Second Amendment.

China is messing with us, trying to stir up trouble.


During a two-day meeting that ended Friday, chaired by Mr. Xi, the party’s 25-member Politburo hailed his policies as visionary and described him as the renmin lingxiu, or “people’s leader,” a designation that directly echoes an accolade most closely associated with Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That should terrify people or at least make them — namely Democrats — realize the danger we are in from China.

Mao was one of the worst mass murderers of the 20th century. Mao was able to do it because his people were disarmed.

Democrats are oblivious to the need for self-defense.

“China’s not a problem. China’s in real trouble man,” Biden said.



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