Chinese Communist Nationals Detained in Key Largo


The invasion at our border has reached Key Largo. The “migrants” are coming into Florida by boat through Key Largo. Seventeen Chinese Communist Nationals were on a boat that arrived recently. Two thousand Chinese Communist nationals came in the first 13 days of October alone – that we know of. Key Largo is a new illegal port of entry for Chinese, Haitians, Cubans, Middle Easterners, and Africans. [It’s not a new port of entry]

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo interviewed Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez about the new arrivals.

Arrivals are largely military-aged men. Customs and Border Protection told Fox News that “in the first 13 days of October, agents encountered more than 2000 Chinese nationals look, this is largely military-aged men that are coming here from China, and the numbers are up, what 1300% year over year. Congressman, I know Key Largo is your district,” Mrs. Bartiromo told Rep. Gimenez. “What can you do about it, and what is your reaction to these Chinese nationals coming into America, and now we find they’re coming by boat?”

Rep. Gimenez replied, “We know that we have over close to 2 million if not over 2 million people [the number is closer to 10 million, the population of 41 states] that have crossed the border during the Biden administration.


“We… don’t know who they are, where they’re going, why they’re here, and how they got here, and so you know, again, this is the Biden administration, the utter disaster that is the Biden administration.

It seems like everything that runs counter to American interest, it really interests the Biden administration to do that.

Earlier in the interview, he discussed the Israel situation and how it affects us. He said the world is “a much more dangerous place” under Biden.

Gimenez is very concerned about the Chinese nationals coming in [the people coming from terror nations are also deeply concerning].

“And so, yeah, I’m really concerned. Look, the Chinese have established a footprint and a pretty big footprint in Central and South America. They’re establishing much greater ties with communist Cuba. They’re building infrastructure projects 50 miles from here in the Bahamas, and so why were these, you know, Chinese nationals trying to get into the United States again? Why? What are they doing here? What is their purpose? They’re all, you know, military-aged men, or most of them are. So exactly what is it that they want to do?

“I’m sure that, you know, some of them are here for economic reasons, but I’m sure some of them are here for more than nefarious purposes.”

Maria Bartiromo asked Representative Gimenez If you can just get up and leave China? The Florida representative said, “You have to get permission to leave.”

That’s our answer then as to why they’re mostly here, isn’t it? The CCP wants them here. It’s an invasion. They’re taking us over to destroy and replace.


The Chinese Communist Party … the illegal aliens aren’t only coming through our borders to blow us up. They are coming to influence our politics and culture.

“As you know,” Gimenez began in the clip below, “I serve on the House Armed Services Committee but also on the House Select Committee on the competition between the United States and the Communist Chinese Party. And, recently, we saw where 17 Chinese Nationals were apprehended in the Florida Keys,” Giménez said.

Very concerning for me. I mean, I have gotten indication, have gotten information that the Communist Chinese Party is getting more and more influence in our hemisphere, especially around South Florida. We know that they’ve got activities going on in Cuba. They also see that they’re doing a lot of infrastructure work also in the Bahamas,” he continued.

“All of this, again, very concerning to me,” Giménez added. “Why were they trying to sneak into the country? What was their purpose? Again, I think it’s the first time that we’ve actually apprehended Chinese Nationals in our part of the country,” he said.


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