Chinese military ordered Wuhan lab to experiment with virus 96.2% like COV


…the Chinese military ordered scientists at the Wuhan lab to experiment with coronaviruses as early as 2017 some of those viruses were 96.2% similar to the current coronavirus.

~ former DNI John Ratcliffe

A member of the World Health Organization’s coronavirus origins investigative team attacked the Biden administration and U.S. intelligence and defended China to CCP-linked outlets.

China has their well-paid friends here in the United States who are always ready to spread propaganda.

The British-born US scientist Peter Daszak, who previously worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, regaled the WHO’s findings dismissing the lab leak hypothesis,

Peter Daszak bashed anyone who criticized China and the WHO. He’s their agent and should register as FARA.

“Joe Biden has to look tough on China,” Daszak tweeted in response to a South China Morning Post article detailing how the Biden administration would not necessarily believe the China-WHO conclusions without the United States doing its own inquiry. “Please don’t rely too much on US intel: increasingly disengaged under Trump & frankly wrong on many aspects. Happy to help WH with their quest to verify, but don’t forget it’s ‘TRUST’ then ‘VERIFY’!”

Former DNI Ratcliffe and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo investigated this issue and worked very hard to get some of their intel out before they left.

Some of what they discovered is that “the Chinese military ordered scientists at the Wuhan lab to experiment with coronaviruses as early as 2017, and some of those viruses were 96.2% similar to the current coronavirus.” Also, some of these scientists came down with a virus like the coronavirus plaguing the world.

The WHO went to China with hand-selected scientists and stayed a short time ‘studying’ the issue while under the constant strict supervision of the Chinese Communists.

“If this really was a naturally occurring virus as the WHO intimated yesterday, if that’s the case, if no one was to blame for this, why would Chinese officials silence and suppress doctors and scientists and journalists from writing about it,” Ratcliffe said.

He continued, “…why would they prevent the world’s best scientists and doctors from coming to Wuhan?”

The China virus originated in Wuhan, and they could have controlled it, but instead, they let it loose on the world, Ratcliffe said.

Ratcliffe also warned of the CCP’s close ties to Biden’s staff and to the Democrat Congress that are deeply concerning.

Watch former DNI Ratcliffe:


State Department spokesman Ned Price responded to the WHO press conference by saying that they will use their own intel since China has not been transparent in the past.


Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, the head of the visiting WHO team in Wuhan, said on Tuesday that it was “extremely unlikely” the China virus from Wuhan originated in the Wuhan lab that studies these types of viruses. They dropped that probe, and are looking into frozen foods now. The Chinese dailies are claiming it might have started in Italy.

Chinese state-run television channel CGTN tweeted that Daszak “warned Joe Biden not to rely too much on US intel.” He replied: “Just reporting the facts of the case! No spin, no politics. I’m delighted Joe Biden is our president but am hoping for a bit more ‘reality’ in the way scientific issues are analyzed. Let’s not play politics with the pandemic any more!!”

There is plenty of reason to believe the China virus started in Wuhan in the Fall of 2019.

Daszak weighed in again Wednesday, saying, “Let me be clear. I’m disappointed that a statement came out that might undermine the veracity of this work even before the report is released. Again — as the sole U.S. citizen on this team, I’m happy to talk with White House re: findings of WHO mission.”


Matthew Pottinger, a former Trump deputy national security adviser, said in December 2020 that “there is a growing body of evidence to say that a laboratory leak or accident is very much a credible possibility” and that “even establishment figures in Beijing have openly dismissed the wet market story.”

Of particular concern has been the biosafety level 4 lab in Wuhan that researches bat coronaviruses.

Last February, Daszak helped organize a letter in the Lancet, which stated, “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.” The letter defended China’s “remarkable” coronavirus response, saying that Chinese scientists and health professionals “have worked diligently and effectively to … share their results transparently with the global health community.” Daszak told Science magazine that month that “we have a choice whether to stand up and support colleagues who are being attacked and threatened daily by conspiracy theorists.” Emails show the key role that Daszak played in drafting and circulating the letter.

The NIH also sends that lab millions for their bat research, which is actually bioweapon research.

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