Chinese Spin- Reporting Only 10% of Wuhan COVID Cases Earns Them a Victory Lap


According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 500,000 residents in Wuhan, where the coronavirus pandemic originated, may have been infected with the deadly bug.  That’s nearly ten times what had been initially claimed.

April testing showed that 4.4 % of its 11.1 million residents carried the virus.   That number dwarfs the 50,354 previously reported by government officials.

The Communists tried ignoring that scandal, and instead took a victory lap by pointing to lower incidents of infections outside the Wuhan area.

Yanzhong Huang, a mouthpiece for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations opined, without irony, that much lower rates in other Chinese cities suggest “Chinese containment efforts were indeed speedy and effective, especially compared to cities like New York.”

Beijing parlayed that bureaucrat’s perfectly timed kiss on the mouth into this piece of propaganda.

“The results of the study show that our country’s population has a low infection rate. It indicates that China has succeeded in controlling the epidemic with Wuhan as the main battlefield, and effectively controlled the large-scale spread of the epidemic.”

Sure.  They’re terrific! Just ask them.

All you have to do is ignore the Communists lied by 10 fold in their first cases reported (but you can believe them now) and that highly credible stories of infected Wuhan families being locked into their own homes weren’t really true.

Then we have a much bigger question.  If the CCP was so efficient at limiting the killer Chinese Virus to Wuhan, why were they completely unable to keep it from spreading all over the globe?

Perhaps because they didn’t want to?


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2 years ago

How many Pinocchios does it rate? There aren’t enough in existence!
As many as there are happy comrades in the glorious workers utopia of China.