Chris Cuomo goes on a ‘long-planned’ vacation as his brother loses all support


Chris Cuomo is going on a nice birthday vacation that he says was long in the planning, according to HuffPo. This follows tremendous backlash over the fact that, despite being a CNN ‘journalist,’ he was advising his brother on how to handle several allegations of sexual harassment when they first emerged. He was doing this while continuing to report and comment on news events.

He apologized at the time — in May.

The younger Cuomo reportedly joined the governor and his top aide, communications team, and lawyers on a series of conference calls to discuss strategy.

His brother Andrew, the now-disgraced Governor of New York, is facing impeachment and #MeToo annihilation over his alleged inappropriate behavior with female underlings. Oddly, he’s getting away with pushing policies that caused the deaths of thousands of elderly people, and then covering it up.

I’ll be fishing. I’ll be hanging out with you, and I’ll be making memories with the kids, and I’m looking forward to it,” Chris Cuomo told co-host Don Lemon Thursday on their CNN podcast “The Handoff.”

Lemon plans to join Cuomo and his wife and children in the Hamptons in Long Island.

He hasn’t said a word about his brother’s situation and calls for him to resign because “he’s my brother.”

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