Erick Erickson suspended for saying NZ trans weight lifter is a man


Erick Erickson was temporarily suspended from Twitter for rejecting the religion of WOKE that says transgender Laurel Hubbard is a woman.

“Well, it seems post-modernity has caught up to me. Twitter has suspended me for a statement of fact that Twitter’s woke employees do not like.

“In defending Allie Beth Stuckey, who was previously suspended from Twitter for a statement of truth, I reiterated that, in fact, the New Zealand transgender weight lifter is a man.

“Twitter has suspended my account for stating the truth.”

He wants people to subscribe to him on substack.

To me, Erickson is a bit of a RINO and even he can’t stay on Twitter.

Laurel is a trans woman, not a woman. Laurel couldn’t even compete with the females.

It’s ‘hateful’ to tell the truth but Farrakhan can call Jews ‘termites.’

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