Chris Cuomo interviewed his brother about the virus and was “WOWed” by him


After killing thousands of elderly people, Andrew Cuomo is playing the hero while his brother continues to further the false narrative.

Andrew Cuomo pretends the federal government was responsible because the European travel ban didn’t come through until March 16th. Up until March 9th, Dr. Anthony Fauci was telling young, healthy people to take cruises.

The problem is de Blasio, the communist mayor of New York City, was telling people to go about their lives normally into March as was his health commissioner.

It’s embarrassing how his brother is “wowed” by Andrew even though he killed all those seniors by seeding nursing homes with the elderly, who were sick with coronavirus. At the time, he could have sent them to the naval ship and the Javitts Center. Both were left nearly empty. He simply didn’t value their lives and preferred leaving everything empty for the more valuable, should they need it.

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