Chris Wallace blames Trump for his poor moderating


Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace blamed President Trump for the chaotic Tuesday presidential debate in an interview with Bill Hemmer.

Wallace said President Trump was predominantly to blame for repeated interruptions and disorder. He said he got a lot of praise and criticism. [Video clip at the end]

Hemmer, Wallace’s fellow host, asked Wallace on Thursday, “I know you had a plan [for moderating the debates]. At what point did that plan blow up?”

Wallace said that he initially thought President Trump interrupting Democratic nominee Joe Biden was preferable to “these debates becom[ing] parallel news conferences” but “it became clearer and clearer over time…”

The “Fox News Sunday” host pointed to an analysis indicating Trump interrupted Biden more than once a minute, saying “he bears the primary responsibility.”

Wallace suggested Trump’s frequent interruptions had been to his own detriment as well. He told Hemmer “I think if the President had stepped back and let Biden give his answers he could’ve been more effective in picking them apart.”

He thinks he had a good plan. “I had gotten together all these ingredients, I had baked this beautiful delicious cake, and then frankly the president put his foot in it, and that was frustrating” for both himself and Americans at large, Wallace said.

The host has said he was “sad” about the outcome of the debate, but that he disagrees with reported plans by the Commission on Presidential Debates to allow future moderators to mute candidates’ microphones.

It’s so easy to blame President Trump. He knows the media will back him.


President Trump interrupted way too much, however, Wallace wasn’t asking the questions that needed to be asked and he was not following up with Biden’s poor answers.

The problem was Chris Wallace.

In the beginning, Chris Wallace interrupted and clearly began to debate the President.

Wallace asked very general questions. Questions he should have asked, to be fair, included one of Biden – will you disavow antifa and Black Lives Matter? Will you speak to law and order? Instead, he only asked Donald Trump if he would disavow white supremacists, which he has done many times. That’s the same question he asked in 2016. Meanwhile, the problem is NOT white supremacists.

Wallace did NOT have his facts at hand despite his claim that he and his researchers were prepared. As a result, he couldn’t stop Biden from lying. He allowed Biden to lie about Russia paying bounties to kill US soldiers. Wallace didn’t want to fact check, but when something is clearly a lie, he should question the person saying it.

Mr. Wallace should have stopped Biden from lying about Hunter doing nothing wrong in his Ukraine and China dealings. Wallace should have had facts at hand. Biden’s son did enrich himself at the expense of the USA. That’s a fact.

His questions were way too long and imprecise. His general, vague questions were not leading to precise answers. That’s his fault.

Both candidates talked over each other, then Biden called the President a liar and said everything you say is a lie (ironic coming from him). It all fell apart there. Later Biden called Trump a clown. He’s a very nasty guy. Trump didn’t call him names.

Biden won’t alienate his far-left supporters and that was clear in the stacking the court question. When Trump wanted Biden to answer the questions, Biden said declaratively, “Will you shut up, man.” Biden didn’t answer the question and Trump did the right thing questioning him. Wallace let it go. That was a serious, serious mistake on Wallace’s part. It’s a vitally important question.

Biden kept saying he handed Trump a great economy and Trump blew it on COV. Wallace should have questioned Biden about it since it’s not true. Wallace ignored the anemic Obama-Biden economy and salary levels. Trump isn’t to blame for COV. Those are facts.

Old Joe enabled his son to make money from foreign powers but Wallace wasn’t interested.

Joe intentionally repeated the Charlottesville lie. Wallace said nothing and let that falsehood fly. Trump had to interrupt and expounded on law and order. When Trump asked Biden if he had any law enforcement groups supporting him, why didn’t Wallace also ask?

Biden said antifa is an idea. Biden lost there. However, reporters turned that into a positive for Biden. Over the next two days, reporters bashed Trump, falsely claiming he didn’t disavow white supremacists. They ignored Biden claiming antifa is a conspiracy theory. BLM should also be included.

Wallace did cut Trump off when he was answering well and when Biden was losing it a bit.

Wallace was too vague in his questions and too absent when he should have been present. At other times, he got in the way. He did a terrible job.


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