Cuomo: COV patients “never” ordered to nursing homes, don’t be “mean”


In one of the most outrageous attempts to gaslight Americans, Cuomo just claimed he did not send the elderly to their deaths in nursing homes, a policy that led to the seeding of nursing homes with COV. We all knew at the time that the elderly were the most vulnerable population.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) ordered the elderly with coronavirus to be put back into nursing homes instead of accepting them in hospitals. We have him saying that on tape. Nursing homes are not hospitals or urgent care centers and weren’t prepared. The homes didn’t have time to prepare nor did they have PPEs. Cuomo said it wasn’t his job.

He blamed those who told the truth, denigrated them, and condemned them for making people feel “sad,” He called them “mean.” He said it is untrue that his government shoved COVID-symptomatic patients into nursing homes filled with the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

Cuomo accused critics of New York’s handling of nursing home deaths of politicizing the deaths of peoples’ loved ones on Wednesday, calling it both mean and unfair to do so.

“Having someone who lost a loved one, saying to them, well, this was a government mess up, this was unnecessary, your father could be alive, your mother could be alive, your grandmother could be alive, that’s just untrue,” Cuomo said in a conference call with reporters. “And frankly, it’s mean.”

He also denied the existence of the order to pack the homes.

Cuomo can be heard saying on audio:

“And we never needed nursing home beds, because we always had hospital beds. So it just never happened in New York, where we needed to say to a nursing home, ‘We need you to take this person, even though they’re (sic) COVID-positive.’ It never happened.”

He did have hospital beds and he decided not to put the elderly in them. He’s a serial killer.

Listen to him lie:

While it is true that he didn’t need the nursing homes to take the elderly COV patients, it is true he sent them.

This is the order and it was scrubbed from the NY dot gov website:

Cuomo not only denied that the order was ever given, but he denied that the patients ever went into the homes. If his claim that “it never happened” is a reference to the actual issuance of the order or the admission of COV patients.

Cuomo’s March 25 mandate read:

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH (nursing home) solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.

Here he is on tape saying nursing homes have no right to object:

As FoxNews reported in May, after word of the rising COVID19 death toll at nursing homes began to spread, the Cuomo government tried to hide the March directive. It was deleted.

It can be found here on the Wayback Archive.

By mid-August, Cuomo’s bureaucrats admitted to 6,600 COVID- deaths at nursing homes.


ProPublica, a left-leaning investigative journalism outlet investigated the nursing home COVID-19 issue in NY state in July.

They found that under Cuomo’s policy, “more than 6,000 COVID-19 patients were sent from hospitals to nursing homes across the state, a move that scared and enraged many families worried about their loved ones being exposed to the deadly virus. To date, at least 6,500 nursing home residents have died of the virus, more than 6 percent of the state’s entire nursing home population.”

But as The Associated Press’ Bernard Cordon, Matt Sedensky, and Meghan Hoyer reported at the time, that number could be lower than the real death toll.

In July, Cuomo’s government tried to blame “infected nursing home staffers” for the deaths of elderly people who were infected while his policy saw sick and highly-contagious COVID patients packed into the facilities.

And now, Cuomo has decided to say none of it happened.

Oh, and Cuomo is getting a $71,000 raise!

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