Chris Wallace Brings Up George Bush to a Trump Aide — Bad Idea!


Fox News’ Chris Wallace repeatedly grilled Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller on President Donald Trump‘s declaration of a national emergency on the southern border. He obviously doesn’t approve, but this is the man who said the Green New Deal is a “heck of a good idea.” How do you take him seriously ever again after hearing that?

At one point, Miller asked him a question and Wallace said, “You know, the joy of this is that I get to ask you questions, you don’t get to ask me.”

Then Wallace got to former President George W. Bush. Miller feels Bush betrayed the American people.


“As you know, when George Bush came into office, illegal immigration total doubled from six million to twelve million by the time he left office,” Miller said. “That represented an astonishing betrayal of the American people. I’m not gonna sit here today and tell you that George Bush defended this country on the southern border because he did not.”

Statistics back him up.



Wallace then pointed out that most drugs are seized at the ports of entry and more come across on visa overstays than illegal crossings. Wallace produced stats showing 303,916 crossed illegally in 2017. That’s a lot of people and he dismissed it as if it doesn’t matter.

Those are the ones we caught. That comes to 832 people a day, every day. And we don’t have a clue as to who these people are.

It this isn’t a crisis, what is? And they should get after visa overstays also. As for the illegals caught at ports of entry, Miller explained that is because it’s where they are checked.




  1. 80 to 90 % of drugs SEIZED is at the ports of entry SEIZED being the key word in that statement. 80 tp 90 % of the drugs not Seized are in between the ports of entry.

  2. Another important point. If these drugs are intercepted at the border, according to all these news outlets, how is it then the drugs have reached cities all across the US.

  3. Poorly written – first paragraph uses ‘he’ several times without referencing which person the author actually means.

    It appeared to me that Chris was able to maintain the semblance of a non-partisan attitude until the latter part of 2017 when he seemed to allow his personal agenda overtake proper journalism … it seems now that he is more concerned with maintaining his journalistic credibility with the LEFT MEDIA … I get the feeling he’s preparing to jump from the FOX ship.

    • Wallace has been a biased liberal rich spoiled brat his entire life. In August 2015 he orchestrated the Fox plot to destroy Trump in the first debate using cheap shots. He’s a boat anchor over at Fox, occupying an important slot which should be held by a decent person who has moral, ethical and logical ability.

    • He is definitely a big idiot and he is the same low Democrat his father was. This guy is a copy cat
      of his father that;s all he is otherwise he is definitely not the smart kid on the block. He attacks the Republicans with every opportunity he can get.
      Why this unschooled (whatever you think he represents) is with FOX News, when he should be on CNN
      is beyond normalcy.
      A lot of Fox News watcher switching to OANN which reports more realistically and truthful than FN.
      Today you see more and more lefties people reading news on FN than ever before, with the exception o very few.

    • 1. Wallace doesn’t interview conservatives, he conducts a hostile interrogation.
      2. No surprise. He’s a registered Democrat.
      3. He is the FOX News “but boy” – Note how many times he begins a contentious counter-question with “but, but, but…”

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