Chris Wallace Denies the President His Win After Mueller Report Released


Fox News’s Chris Wallace sided with Democrats during a panel discussion that included Dana Perino, Juan Williams, and host Bret Baier. The panel agreed that Mueller’s stellar reputation is intact and there were no leaks.

But there were leaks, and everything that did leak was meant to make the President look bad. Although, we don’t know where the leaks came from or if the media just out and out lied.

As for his stellar reputation, he spent nearly $30 million, hired Democrats and known Trump haters on his team, and kept the investigation going for two years.

This investigation which began nine months before Mueller went on for nearly three years and it delegitimized the President and his agenda based on no evidence, a Hillary-orchestrated document, and planted newspaper stories.

Watch this very short clip. It’s all you need to know.


Chris Wallace just couldn’t bear to give the President a victory after the news came out that the President was not going to be indicted based on the Mueller report. Wallace reluctantly admitted it will help the President if he is not indicted, but made a point of saying he isn’t cleared.

It is true that we don’t know if this completely clears the President, but Wallace had NOTHING positive to say in the way of analysis.

It is true that we don’t know what is in the report, but there is no indictment of the President and the President did not interfere with Mueller’s probe at all. There will likely be some negative comments from the biased crew behind the report but that is not supposed to be revealed unless the person is charged.


“We don’t want to rush to judgment and I think that since this report has come out, since no one has seen it, to say that somehow this clears the president seems like the height of rushing to judgment,” the “Fox News Sunday” anchor said.

“People talk about the appointment of the special counsel,” Wallace said. “The fact is the reason the special counsel was appointed is because Trump fired James Comey in the middle of his investigation. If Comey had been allowed to finish his investigation there probably wouldn’t have been a special counsel.”

That is a red herring since the next appointee could easily have taken over the probe.

Mr. Wallace doesn’t seem to remember that both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his Deputy Rod Rosenstein recommended the firing of James Comey in writing.


Wallace highlighted the fact that process crimes are serious crimes, but he seems to forget none of those charged were guilty of crimes tied to Russia. Additionally, bullying people into lying isn’t necessarily the worst crime in the world. It is what happened in some cases. They certainly tried to do that with Jerome Corsi.

“I’m also a little surprised at this talk about process crimes,” he continued. “Process crimes are not parking tickets. Process crimes are lying to federal prosecutors, they’re lying to the FBI. This is the very basis of which justice is administered. And to the degree to which they commit perjury, that’s a very serious crime.”

Juan blathered about the trolls charged by Robert Mueller to cast more shade on the Trump victory. The unpopular Fox commentator then went on to talk about Trump’s business dealings, which also shows no proof of criminal behavior by the President at this point. In other words, this is a witch hunt without evidence, and that’s what Democrats and Chris Wallace want to go with.

This is a political witch hunt of one side against the victorious President.

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