Obama’s White House visitor attacked the US embassy in Iraq


One of the leaders of the attack against our U.S. embassy in Baghdad was Obama’s guest at the White House back in 2011. Even in 2011, everyone knew Hadi al-Amiri hated the USA and sided with the Iranians. He’s a Muslim Brotherhood communist.

Daily Mail reports that Hadi al-Amiri was a guest eight years ago and is now Tehran’s point man in Iraq.

Hadi al-Amiri was Iraq’s minister of transport under then-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and was part of his delegation in December 2011.

He led Tuesday’s attack on the U.S. embassy in Iraq, throwing objects, setting the building on fire. Another of the ringleaders appeared in the White House photo.

Another man seen leading the attack was also in the White House. The man in the far-left of the photo above was the former transportation minister, Faleh al-Fayyaz.

The left is calling this report false since Obama was merely inviting the government officials to the White House. What the left doesn’t realize is that Barack Obama knew these men were Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian allies.

He empowered them and Iran. Obama gave Iran billions and access to billions more in trade and he okayed the building of the bomb in a decade. Obama backed their rise to power

Amiri is the head of the Badr organization and the second largest political party in Iraq. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posted a photo of al-Amiri leading the attack and named him an Iranian proxy in Iraq. He is one of Iraq’s most powerful men.

Obama did more than invite this man and his allies into the White House, despite knowing they were pro-Iran and anti-American. The Obama administration supported giving Iran more hegemony in the region.

The “pro-Iranian strongman Nouri al-Maliki was welcomed as leader of Iraq by the Obama administration. Even though he was a sectarian who alienated Sunni Arabs and Kurds and wrecked the Iraqi security forces, he was seen as Iraq’s hope for the future. Instead, his rule led to the rise of ISIS and the collapse of Iraq,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

Obama used these people as allies in 2014 and 2015. As a result, it led to Iranians, by the millions, pouring into Iraq and taking over.

“A former guerrilla fighter who fought for Tehran in the Iran-Iraq War, Amiri has been accused of terrorism against the US, of helping Iran to ship arms to Bashar al-Assad in Syria and has been pictured bowing before the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,” the Daily Mail reports.

According to The Jerusalem Post, “Amiri is on track to make the PMU the Iraqi version of the IRGC and to make other parts of Iraq beholden to it. During the protests from October to December, it was PMU members, such as the Khorasani unit, that killed up to 500 protesters. Amiri worked closely with Iran to advise the government on how to defeat the protests.”

“Amiri is now in the spotlight because of his importance in Iraq. With 48 seats in parliament and the second-largest party, he will help choose the next Iraqi prime minister. He also has power over the Interior Ministry and PMU, which means that he controls not only a block in parliament but also armed forces. This makes him more powerful than Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon.”

President Donald Trump ordered USAF jets to decimate Kataeb Hezbollah bases and 25 were killed on Sunday night. That is what led to the attack on the embassy which was quickly squelched by the Trump administration.

Amiri was of “grave concern” in 2011 and he’s much more powerful now.

The Obama administration empowered Iranian terrorists and they knew who they were at the time. It was more than a visit.

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