Circling Back with Biden communication person who knows nothing


Comedian Mark Dice begins the clip below commenting on Jen Psaki whose pressers are a lot of ‘uhs’ and ‘circling backs.’ For a communication person, she really doesn’t know anything. In fairness, she has to get the information from senile Joe.

The conservative comedian also talked about Game Stop and Facebook briefly. He showed the Project Veritas clip in which Facebook agrees they have too much power and they want to run the country with [Senile] Joe.

Dice ends with information about censorship — it’s interesting.

Dice also talks about Ricky Vaughn whose memes are possibly going to put him in prison for 10 years. The worst you can say about Vaughn is he was a political dirty tricks guy. The memes were stupid. It’s hard to believe anyone fell for them. The memes told people to text in their vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Left immediately went on to social media to say they were a fraud.


A discussion with Howie Carr explaining the Vaughn case:

Getting back to Psaki. The Daily Beast claims the White House wanted the questions in advance. It sounds like Psaki wants the reporters to do her work for her. She never has any answers.

Some more mockery:



  1. None of these folks look happy. Psaki evokes no confidence in anything she says. There is no sense of joy in the administration. They know it’s a fraud and Biden is incapable. Let the left suffer and the RINOs suffer while attempting to be concilatory towards a coup.

  2. Umm…like…uhhh…circling back…enlightened being…that’s not who we are…cultured…participation trophy.
    I’ll watch if she comes out in a spongebob onesie or dressed as raggedy Ann!
    I wouldn’t pay a dollar though, maybe fourteen cents.

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