Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson scammed $65K for a film he never made?


Twitter tech star Techno Fog did a deep dive into another Lincoln Project founder — Rick Wilson. The project is famous as a group of grifters that included Rick Wilson, George Conway, Steven Schmidt, and John Weaver.

Weaver is now taking center stage since 21 young men, one as young as 14 years, complained about Weaver sexually harassing them online.

Karl Rove brought attention to Weaver’s predatory behavior as far back as 1988 and was vilified for it. It was a long-kept open secret.

Co-founder Rick Wilson is no bargain either. For one thing, Techno Fog found that he appears to have raised $64,766 for a film he never released.

Techno Fog describes Wilson:

You might have seen him mocking Trump supporters’ accents and intelligence on CNN as Don Lemon giggled. He’s also known for his tweet suggesting his desire that Melania Trump would catch coronavirus.

Wilson was engaged in the fight against Trump well before the Lincoln Project was created. On August 7, 2018, he released Everything Trump Touches Dies, a boring and repetitive screed against Trump and his supporters in politics and the media. A book written to a rabid anti-Trump audience and no one else. Credit Wilson for knowing his audience and what they want, I guess.

Wilson said he would make a documentary of DJT’s first year, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”

He needed money at the time. The bank was foreclosing on his house, and he owed more than $25,000 in unpaid credit card debt.

Then he created a GoFundMe page to help finance his film. He set a funding goal of $85,000 and promised a January 2018 premiere to his prospective financers.

By March 2018, it appeared that the film was imminent. Wilson announced that they were in the “Final stretch,” that the film was “in production.” All they needed was to finish fundraising so they could “focus completely on filming and post-production.” He even tweeted that they were “shooting and in production.” He told a supporter that the film was coming “Soon!”

He disappeared from the GoFundMe page for a while until February 5, 2019. He again promised the film. The film was being expanded in scope “to truly tell the story” of the Trump administration. He assured the donors to the site that they were more committed than ever to produce the film.

Techno Fog writes: It has been almost two years since Wilson wrote that update. His GoFundMe page has been silent since then. No film. As of January 31, 2021, Wilson raised $64,766. But by now, his focus is likely on a more lucrative project: the Lincoln Project.

This sounds Wilson committed a crime. Read the report on this link. All of these Lincoln Project scammers have one thing in common — they are nasty, and the media loves them for it.

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