City attorney’s race in Seattle: 1 is opposed to police, prisons, prosecutions, and crimes


Two left-wing radicals and one Republican are running for city attorney in Seattle.  The winner could well be the most radical candidate, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy who wants to abolish the police and prisons. She also doesn’t believe in most crimes. The radicals in Seattle are excited about T-Kennedy.

Candidate, Pete Holmes has done a terrible job in the city attorney’s office, but he is better than T-Kennedy. The best candidate is Republican, Ann Davison.

Thomas-Kennedy doesn’t hide her extremist views; she brands herself with them. And it’s got Seattle’s militant activist base excited.

The public defender calls herself an abolitionist. She doesn’t believe in most prosecutions and says she will effectively legalize most crimes. Like many ignorant ideologues, she claims the criminal justice system is racist, and it’s up to white heroes like herself to dismantle this system of oppression. Thomas-Kennedy, according to The Stranger, wants to cut the city attorney’s criminal division. She would also stop prosecuting most misdemeanors.

“The prosecutor’s ethical duty is to seek justice, but there’s no justice in prosecuting people for crimes of survival and poverty, or in making the lives of people in desperate situations worse. The very least that the city attorney could do is to stop prosecuting people for most misdemeanors,” she explained.

She’s clueless about her role in protecting victims. T-Kennedy likes to pretend the system is too tough on criminals.

Surprisingly, it’s a tight race, and Holmes, an incumbent, is doing poorly because people realize he’s doing a terrible job. They have record-high homicides in the city.

Pray for Ms. Davison and Seattle. Read more at My Northwest.

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