Claims by Michigan GOP could become a national scandal – Update, it’s not, maybe


Update: The erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim County in Michigan on Friday was a result of “accidental error on the part of the Antrim County Clerk,” according to a statement released by the Michigan Department of State. The statement said: “The software did not cause a misallocation of votes; it was a result of user human error.” The error in Michigan was unrelated to a computer glitch that temporarily halted counting in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on Friday night, according to ProPublica reporter Jessica Huseman and CNN reporter Holmes Lybrand.

If that’s true!

Original Story

The Chair of the Michigan Republican Party claimed during a Friday press conference that faulty tabulating software was used in 47 counties across the battleground state. The Chair, Laura Cox, said they don’t know if it’s incompetence or malfeasance.

The software that allegedly rigged Michigan elections in Antrim County over a glitch is called Dominion and was developed by Smartmatic. Smartmatic machines, or at least some of them, are made in Venezuela.

It was allegedly used in about 28 states, perhaps as many as 30, including some swing states and Georgia. We don’t know if that’s accurate.

Oddly, it only affected Republican votes in Antrim.

The Head of the Republican Party has asked for an additional 47 counties to be recounted after the fix since these 47 counties also use the same Dominion software. We can’t confirm any of this yet, but we do need to report this and know the answers.

People say this software is tied to George Soros.

Soros’s connection to Smartmatic appears to be through the company’s chairman, Mark Malloch-Brown, who serves on the board of Mr. Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The Smartmatic website says he was also formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and of Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

A director of the Brazilian news service, Alejandro Dos Santos, told The Epoch Times that Smartmatic machines used in foreign countries can be manipulated by the owner. We can’t confirm that.

If all this is true, it’s an enormous scandal.

The Michigan Legislature issued a subpoena for voting-related documents.

The majority-Republican House and Senate oversight committees came together on Saturday to request communications and documents tied to the mass mailing of applications for absentee ballots earlier this year and for mass mailings providing information about people’s right to vote, according to the Detroit News.



Kyle Becker’s Twitter profile describes him this way: Fmr. Assoc. Prod./Writer @FoxNews. Fmr. Director of Viral Media & Sr. Mg. Ed. @TheIJR. Also @DailyCaller.

Becker tweets that the software is used in 30 states including Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

We don’t know if Mr. Becker checked with the states to make certain it was used.

Democrats say all of this is a political stunt.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

Glitch? Don’t bet on it, it was programming.

3 years ago

Update: Funny, there has been other reports of similar instances.

3 years ago

I don’t know what this is from, or when, but pretty interesting and prophetic.

3 years ago

This was there testimony on Jan 9, 2020
2020 Election Security-Perspectives from Voting System Vendors and Experts