Historic election: feeble-minded man and a woman who votes to the left of Bernie



More than 70 million Americans voted for President Trump, more than voted for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, anyone but Joe Biden apparently or allegedly. That is a lot of Americans.

It’s not surprising. President Trump succeeded in greatly improving the economy, and salaries increased under him. He was very successful in restoring American values with almost no help whatsoever. Donald J. Trump brought in minorities and women like no other Republican, and he succeeded in restoring the desire to make America great again with half the country.

The anti-Trumpers also increased his creds. They tried to destroy him with a fake Russia hoax, a totally irresponsible impeachment over a call with the Ukraine president that was a no-never-mind, 24/7 media attacks, riots we are forced to call ‘mostly peaceful protests,’ looters, and threats of socialism and communism.

Trump exposed corruption in the media, corporations, and the government. We see the swamp, and they will never be seen the same. Who could trust the media? They hid the Hunter Biden scandal and Joe’s possible involvement.

What is more surprising and unbelievable is the number who allegedly voted for the hack and the communist.

Ordinary Americans were smeared day and night by commentators on these news channels, and that now includes Fox News. They’re very nasty and why? Because they disagree with us.

There are Soros-tied fake fact-checkers everywhere.

The media is wholly corrupt. They will now be state media. No one will be able to trust a thing they say.

Social media is destroying our free speech rights with their subjective hate speech rules and vague community standards aimed at conservatives.

There are many reasons to believe there was fraud in the election. This election will go down in history as corrupt, whether it is or not. And 70 million people will doubt the legitimacy of this new president.

The massive numbers of votes rolling in from drop boxes made it all suspect. Keeping Republicans out of observing counting, which is their legal right, is suspect.

Americans voted for nearly enough Republicans in the House to take over the majority. They are only two short. Republicans kept the state houses too. They appeared to have control of the Senate, but those ballots kept rolling in from God-knows-where. If Republicans lose the Senate, we will become socialists, and our leadership will likely destroy the economy. They will destroy our history and all we stand for as they flood the country with foreigners coming for the wrong reasons, lured here by Democrats. And as they tear down our statues, teach critical race theory, which says whites are all evil bigots, more and more youth will hate America. And the hate law enforcement movement will return over false, unproven allegations of systemic racism.

It’s historic, you know. The alleged vice president is the first woman of color and the first communist. It’s a first. Now, you’re going to tell me I don’t have evidence for calling her a communist, but I do. Her voting record is to the left of Bernie Sanders and, while he calls himself a Democratic Socialist, his policies are communistic.

Kamala Harris, the new — allegedly — the soon-to-be vice president, is known as the female Obama. We should have learned our lesson with the first one.

It’s historic too in that the president doesn’t even know what he’s saying most of the time and appears to be senile.

Those of us who hate the establishment hate them more now than ever before. And it will only get worse as the socialists/communists ruin our country. It’s inevitable, and Donald Trump might well be our last American president.

Joe Biden said he would be an American president, but he won’t be. He’s a liar, plagiarizer, and a hack who will do whatever the far-left says. In fact, his days are likely numbered.

As for it being historic because Kamala is a woman of color, who gives a hoot? That’s an irrelevant characteristic. We should be more concerned about her hard-left agenda.

Michelle Obama warned today that the Democrats must win over tens of millions of Americans. After trashing us for four years and ruining basically every day with hate and lies, lots of luck with that. Besides, nothing in the socialist agenda appeals to us.

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3 years ago

I hope we all understand that allowing the loons to vote is a very big mistake for which a great price is about to be paid.

3 years ago
Reply to  jpacord

And allowing the loons to succeed in stealing this election will be the greateat price of all, not just for Americans, but the rest of the world. The Western democracys will die with us.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago
Reply to  Lydia

Glad you realize the stakes. It is interesting here to note that the Main sewer Stream fake Media is TOTALLY complicit, all dance in perfect harmony and that the scum douche bags in social media are censoring for them. Yes, the very same lying media that enabled Clinton and Blair, to the detriment of the Serbian people, to formulate the 1st muslim state in Europe since the fall of the Ottoman Empire….promoted WMD’s etc., etc., The enemy IS formidable….and treacherous !!!