Class Action Lawsuit Against Columbia for Its Unsafe Environment


When parents pay tens of thousands of dollars for their child’s education, they expect their children will be safe. Columbia let this go on too long. Now, they’re facing a major class action lawsuit.

Columbia has started to suspend students. There is no word on how many.

The lawsuit doesn’t concern itself with speech. The concern is that a subset of protesters have gone “beyond simply engaging in free speech.”

That’s an understatement.

The lawsuit then addressed April 18, when a group of extreme demonstrators at Columbia created the “Liberated Zone,” an area where over 60 tents were erected.

Protesters along the perimeter of the zone allegedly blocked Jewish students from walking through as anti-Israel activists used force, harassment, and threats of violence.

These protesters are scary. No one should have to deal with this, especially not to get an education.

I feel sorry for Columbia University President Nemet Shafik. As educators, we don’t expect to go into the Lion’s Den. We just want to teach and help youth learn. It’s not exactly our bailiwick. You don’t plan to go into battle. You’re there to educate young people.

However, it went on too long, and they let it fester. Some bad actors were emboldened. It should have ended after day one.

I worked in K-12, but I know we wouldn’t have let that go on every one day.

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