Claudia Conway saves mom from “f–jail”


Kellyanne Conway, who tried to get a job with Biden, and “Lincoln Project” member George Conway can’t control their unruly teenage daughter Claudia. Claudia’s mother suggested she is mentally ill in one tweet.

Things are getting worse.  A topless photo of the 16-year-old Claudia was posted on Kellyanne’s official Twitter account. We don’t know how it got there, but it was gone quickly.

Claudia then posted a video claiming her mother was the only one with access to the photo after she took her phone away from her.

In the video, Claudia claims that Kellyanne will be going to “f**kng jail” for allegedly posting the picture.

Then her father posted a video of her saying her mother wouldn’t do that, and she’s taking a break from social media since her family doesn’t want to be a headline.

Okay then.

You can watch the two videos below. In the first one, she says her mother “accidentally” posted it? It’s more likely Claudia put it on Kellyanne’s phone to stir the pot and hurt her mother. In the second clip, she says her family’s tired of being a headline and her mother would never do that.


The not-well kid now says her mother would never do a thing like that:

@claudiamconwayplease stop sending hate to my family. please. i am putting an end to all of this. i’m okay. we are okay.

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