Climate Ambulance Chaser Al Roker Jumps the Shark


Democrat Party media told us for years that climate change would increase the frequency and severity of hurricanes, but then the unthinkable happened. This year, there are fewer hurricanes and they aren’t as severe. Fortunately, the climate fairy paid NBC’s Al Roker a visit.

Craig Melvin introduced Roker for what Newsbusters describes as a “cringeworthy forecast”.

Hi guys. And just in, we have an update for our hurricane season 2018 from the National Hurricane Center. So far this year, four named storms, two hurricanes. On average, we’d get two named storms by this time and one hurricane. However, the forecast, the August update is that we’ve got a 60% chance of a below-normal hurricane season. That would be great news.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Unfortunately, because of the rapidly melting icecaps due to climate change, the sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic are much colder than average. So, all that ice, that literally ice water coming into the Atlantic, keeping things cool. And a developing El Nino may actually increase wind shear, basically, tear apart storms as they come off the coast of Africa.

Roker has been fearmongering for years about hurricanes becoming more frequent and more volatile. When no one else was tying hurricanes to climate change, Roker was.

In fact that’s the title of the article the nect video came from — Al Roker connects devastating flooding in Ellicott City, MD, to climate change on Today. 

Here he is in 2017 blaming climate change, without a scintilla of evidence:


Former Senior NASA Scientist Says Hurricanes Are Not Climate Change, Just Climate




  1. He is in a long line of soap salesman saying man can affect the climate in a catastrophic way, failing to realize that God is still in control of this world and the climate. Climate change yes, winter, spring, summer and fall.

  2. How much is covered regarding undersea volcanoes. It’s the same with large scale fires not affecting surrounding air temperatures. I’ve went through training extinguishing large pipeline fires and the heat generated can be felt from a good distance. The “experts” use the “Greenhouse” as a method to explain the result. Then large scale wild fires among other events would certainly “add” to the greenhouse.

    I started questioning these apocalyptic scenarios during the widely publicized Ozone scare. Apparently few are aware that the Ozone layer varies widely depending upon the seasons. The reason is the layer is the direct result of sunlight. During summer months when the Sun is directly hitting the earth the Ozone layer expands a great deal. Notice there weren’t news reports of an Ozone hole during these times. During the winter months the Sun’s angle to the earth is no longer at ninety degrees rather a steep angle. Because the Sun isn’t hitting as direct the Ozone layer diminishes and is weakest at the Poles. THIS is when news reports there is an increase in the Ozone hole. By eliminating the basics in the reporting it allows those who push an agenda to succeed.

  3. And they produce no data showing the water or air in the tropics is cooler. Somehow things just get warmer at the poles, in their imaginary world.

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