Climate Change Predictions: Flood Warnings, No, Wait, Droughts


They said we’d have a drought.

In an article by P. Gosselin at Watt’s Up With That, the author points out that the climate change science keeps contradicting itself.

Climate change causing both wetter and drier summers? UK’s Met Office warned the government that the 2024 summer could see 50 days of rain! In the summers of 2018 and 2022, for example, Europe was hit by drought, and government-paid experts and media blamed man-made climate change. Many claimed that drought would be the future for British and European summers.

Dramatic – don’t you think?

For example, the UK’s Met Office warned that the winters will get wetter and summers will get drier.

Soon after that prediction. News site LBC said that the Met Office has warned the government “to prepare for at least 50 days of rain in the next three months, leading to fears over further flooding in the UK and dashing any hopes of a warm British summer.”

So now, instead of discussing climate-change droughts in the summer, they talk about drenched summers.

Everything is climate change—wet and dry, and proof is unnecessary. There is also no accountability.

Ironically, Gosselin notes that the wettest UK weather was in 1912.

He adds that it’s becoming glaringly clear that climate science is indeed full of contradictions and theoretical errors. Climatic statements can’t be taken seriously anymore.

Hours after their prediction of 50 days, they took it back.

PoorTemperature Stations Sites

Another blog complains about the MET office’s poorly sited temperature stations.

Author Paul Homewood writes that going back in time, we have no idea of the mix of stations or how badly sited they were. More importantly, neither does the Met Office.

That means that they have no way of knowing whether they are comparing like with like when they publish temperature trends going back to 1884.

Therefore, they cannot say with any degree of scientific certainty that the last two years were the warmest on record or quantify how much, if any, the climate has warmed since 1884.

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