Jack Smith Plans to Silence Donald Trump


Special counsel Jack Smith has requested a federal judge to restrict former President Donald Trump from making public statements that pose a significant risk to law enforcement agents involved in the classified documents case.

It’s another excuse to deprive Donald Trump of his 1st Amendment rights.

This request came after Trump made claims that FBI agents who searched his Mar-a-Lago resort were authorized to use deadly force against him, which prosecutors argue endangered law enforcement personnel.

The special counsel’s office seeks to prevent Trump from making further statements that could incite threats or violence against law enforcement.

Many Republicans repeated the story of ‘deadly force’ being included in the warrant because it is true. However, the FBI explained that it was standard verbiage. However, one has to wonder if it should be standard at a resort that is also the home of the former president of the United States.

Trying to use that excuse to silence Donald Trump is ridiculous since the FBI went to his home armed.

Smith wants to make Trump look bad in any way possible.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said his language was “extremely dangerous.”

“That allegation is false, and it is extremely dangerous,” Garland said at a news conference.

“The document that has been referred to in the allegation is the Justice Department’s standard policy, limiting the use of force. As the FBI advises, it is part of the standard operations plan for searches. And in fact, it was even used in the consensual search of President Biden’s home,” Garland said.

The difference is it was a surprise raid on Donald Trump’s resort and home. In Biden’s case, they made an appointment that he okayed.

That is not a reason to take away his 1st Amendment rights. He didn’t threaten anyone.

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