Clown show! Someone who is more unlikeable than Hillary


Remarkably, Kamala Harris is someone who is even more unlikeable than Hillary Clinton. She wouldn’t let Judge Barrett speak during the hearing today, and she was nasty.

When she wasn’t rude and sarcastic, she lied and suggested Amy Coney Barrett is lying.

Harris was too cowardly to show up and do her job, although she has gone to plenty of indoor events. She chatted up her talking points over the Internet.

The media thinks this clown show, and Harris was part of it, is just great. But, to quote Buck Sexton, “Our lib media now consistently elevates the most vicious political hysteria over anything that is thoughtful, truthful, or worthwhile Left-wing partisan lunacy is not a side effect of the news media ecosystem, it is professionally rewarded. It’s their desired result.”

Watch a few clips if you can bear it:

Who cares what she thinks?

She pulled her snide ‘don’t interrupt me’ routine:

She’s a phony who basically campaigned today, blathering talking points. She’s very shallow and predictable:

She thinks she’s a top-tier candidate before she got catapulted out. She was on the bottom of a slew of bottom feeders.

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